Canadian ex-diplomat detained in China, official confirms


At night. More from reporter Simon marks the arrest of mung one. Joe the chief financial officer of the Chinese technology company wallpa- has been met with anger by the authorities in Beijing that threatening while they called grave consequences if she's not freed by the authorities in Canada who detained her at the request of the United States where she's wanted on charges of conspiracy to defraud multiple financial institutions case has shown a spotlight on the company her father founded, so how big a deal is while way Nick filed says telecoms correspondent for the financial times in Europe while he's gone from being a company, I guess people had heard of in around two thousand three hundred four to basically, the largest supplier telecoms equipment. That's the stuff on my boss. The stuff that comes into the network through transmission at in some countries, not the UK stuff in the coal, which actually routes Kohl's licks subscribe to whether I need to go. And as I said, it's been an incredible rise. I think before. They won. What was a landmark deal with Bates? Hey for the twenty-first century network in two thousand and five you had very famous names Makoni NorTel Siemens over this. Mock wouldn't add doubts about three players mess, largely dancer wise. Pretty relentless rise to be honest. He spoke to F T dot com. Ms monks arrest comes right in the middle of that US trade war with China and some in the Trump administration have extraordinarily suggested that her freedom could be used as a bargaining chip by Washington with FSN spotlight. I'm Simon marks Chinese-American. San Francisco elected officials held a commemoration this morning of the seventy fifth anniversary of the repeal of the Chinese exclusion act in eighteen eighty two congress passed and president Chester Arthur signed into law the measure prohibiting the immigration of Chinese workers. Chinese workers were blamed for driving down wages and for being unable to assimilate US born Chinese Americans or also ordered to carry. Or face the risk of deportation. The act was repealed in nineteen forty-three officials organizing today's commemoration said that more than ever the diverse immigrant community must quote stand together. United in solidarity against the hateful rhetoric and anti immigrant policies emanating from the Trump administration unquote, more news to come. It is our mission to bring you as much news and information as we possibly during the evening news, each weekday at six for the half hour additional on the weekends. But it is also are obligate during a fund drive to try to raise some money. So that this news department can continue to function and overall. So our listener sponsored radio station KPFA can continue to operate eighty five hundred ninety percent of the funds expended to keep this radio station on the air be that. Staff salaries be that huge amount that goes to the electricity company, and we're going to have some news about that electricity company coming up in just a few minutes to keep the water flowing in the bathrooms and the kitchen sink. To rent service, the computers all that stuff. Eighty five to ninety percent of that money comes directly from you. Our listener, no one else. There's no middleman no middle woman. No mediating factor. There are no commercial announcements. There are no corporate underwriting announcements there are no foundations of the left. There are no foundations of the right? There are no foundations of the middle. There's no alien financing here. There's no rich people. Just listeners just listeners. We were the first radio station to attempt to do this, which is to do broadcasting. And then when we were done broadcasting asks the list, there's if they supported it enough to enable us to give us enough money to enable us to do some more broadcasting. And that's basically the way it's been for nearly seventy years now, and we hope it will be that way at least for seventy days we're trying to raise enough money to get us into the new year. We need four hundred fifty thousand dollars to do that. But that's our goal to raise by the end of the year right now, we're

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