Frank Clark vows that Seahawks' Richard Sherman era over


Austin extra will be available short week doesn't seem enough time. For those guys to get rid comes the northwestern kid. Here comes the northwest. Justin, Justin Jackson. Irie comes also Philly rib as close aired out Thursday night eight that kid was ready for his close up against Pittsburgh on Sunday night football. Here we go. Anything on Spencer where tyreek hill on that front. Have not seen anything. Yeah. Me. See let me look it up. Here. You got something that yet? Okay. Tyreek hill expected to practice today, Spencer where and Sammy Watkins not. Yep. Oh, yeah. There you go. Tyreek hill returned to practice. Andy Reid said he's moving around. All right. And should be okay. For thursday. All right. Spencer where did not practice? You sent me this thing. Berry Jackson down in Miami said Ryan tannehill confirmed for the first time that he has stem cells banked in the Grand Cayman islands to use. If needed to quote, improve my quality of life or help them heal from future injuries had advanced stem cell treatment at the Regina came in in two thousand seventeen. Is that legal? That's the worst. John Grisham story. I've ever heard the follow up to the firm. Let's go to the Grand Cayman check on ten June who's gonna break in. Let's let's let's let's drug up, gene. Hackman and go grab tannahill stem cells. That's the worst Grisham novel. I've ever heard Tom Cruise looks exactly the same. Okay. Or is that is that the the dolphin brief? That'd be the dolphin brief. Nice. Where do you stand on these NBA conspiracies Keno last year? It was the flat earth that kind of dominated with these guys. Okay. Well, Debbie heard the latest one says he didn't see thought. Steph. Curry was on the wing and podcast and Ken bays, more and said, they believe the moon landing. Never happened the hell. And now a rep from NASA was talking to TMZ said this day will invite a curry to check out the lunar labs and all the evidence that proves that a really went down. And Houston spokesman said, quote, there's lots of evidence NASA landed twelve American astronauts on the moon from eighteen sixty nine nine hundred seventy two we'd love Mr. curry to tour are lunar lab at Johnson Space Center in Houston wins Golden State of Houston next March. Now what we're doing on March? You wanna put anything officially on the record rich? Do you think the moon landing happened moon landing happened? Okay, moon landing happened in. This is a is a round orb. We're spinning around on right now. Third rock from the sun. What's your absurd in your mind? The flatter. The flat earth come on. Just because you drive a road. And you don't fall off. It does not mean that we're. I don't even. Look, you know, what I knew that. We. I'm so glad we're getting an editor system since a bona fide newsman Jeremy shops brought to join us. You know, when the news segment is over when you say the words a NASA spokesman reached out to TMZ. No, it's over. So thank you. Chris

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