Frank Gore Won't Return vs. Vikings with Foot Injury, Reportedly Has Sprain


Next thing, you know, it's fourth and thirty for Indianapolis. It's fun to sort of observe all the games taking place at one time. I Lamar Jackson throw to somebody attempt to throw titan Mark Andrews, hit a defender in the back hawk the mar a thrower is still a work in progress. Yes, worker progress is putting it lightly. I mean, he just has to, you know, a lot of time with quarterbacks no matter how good or or, you know, whatever the scouting report says about you. We can't see you at your best until you're comfortable. And when I watch him throw the football when I watch him try to dissect defenses. I don't see a guy who feels comfortable yet. Which is why I think you've. Verse two running a lot because that's the thing that makes them feel the most confident so he asked to become comfortable as a passer, and then we can kind of make the determination of whether or not he has the ability of the thrower right on cue. I see him rush for about eight yards for the Baltimore Ravens him or Josh Allen. Who's been the more impressive runner to you. Because Allen's doing it on non design runs. Lamar. The design stuff. Yeah. I mean, I think they're both impressive. I think Josh Allen is just the one that surprises me more. I didn't expect him to be able to Russia the level. He is because he didn't Lamar Jackson had incredible Russian production. Yeah. We knew it. But not nearly what Lamar Jackson exactly we've got an update here. Coming up. We have an update from the Bengals do we have this. We have the update yet. I'll take it myself Joe mixing the Cincinnati bangles on fourth down plunges into the end zone. Hawk fourteen. Nothing to fight Marvin Lewis. Now that they're getting after man didn't after China China. Make a case here. Trying to make the case are the Bengals for I don't know maybe saving Marvin job like that. To write technically. But it doesn't look good five eight they are technically in hunt. But it's gonna take a lot of work. I guess like are they playing are. They playing to save Marvin job right now is that is that your interpretation of what's left in this season. It's a very good question. I'll have to take the break to to figure out. Okay. Good enough wants to talk about that later on throughout the show. We continue to see if they can lay it on the Oakland, Raiders, the raiders who've been frisky recently, not so frisky today. The Bengals are like you don't come to our house tried to play our game and win. Instead, you might lose her down fourteen to nothing. We have a ton of actual again nine early games in the NFL not necessarily a ton of marquee matches put me and hawk. We make a marquee for you and coming up next. We'll tell you can the Vikings continue to have the good offense times rolled. That's next operation of upon ESPN radio the ESPN app.

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