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Very similar speaking of that former coaching staff all of which went on to be head coaches. We aren't talking about John Barnes, but don't puts away to South Dakota. She took over there for me Williams when Amy came to Nebraska south. Kota this year nine and one there at Missouri today. What do you think of that game? Again, I they all come from the same cloth. They run very similar systems. Which is you have to be a really smart basketball player. You have to be fundamentally. Sound all three of them price themselves on is taking care of the basketball. Not giving up layup defense and making outside shots. So I think it gets a team like, Missouri. They will have a chance because I think they're going to be locked into the south scouts. Takeaway, Sophie, cutting him. But I also think that coach John's teams play incredibly hard all of the time that she expects nothing less than your best. So with their intensity, I really think I mean, they're one of the best South Dakota is one of the mid majors and basketball right now, and they really do damage their Missouri has won five in a row since losing to Michigan those five wins over Quinnipiac,.

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