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Two pm today. We're celebrating the music of fancy Nancy Wilson the woman with the golden golden silky voice, beautiful beautiful career and long lasting career five decades of music from this woman in here is more. This is if I had my way. When you look into. And. When you're at a corner. Does he? Does he? It's. Winning. And you try to. Concentrate. Does he have to shout? What's this? Hanging. Slowly slips away. Don't. Finland's? Nasr nothing. Well. Yes. Here. We. One. Doc. Come on. Someone like you. I just race. No, ha. Gene. Sweden. Two. Celebrating the life and the music is Nancy sue Wilson born February twentieth. Nineteen thirty seven met her sunrise number thirteenth. She was an American songwriter with a career that spanned over five decades and from the mid fifties until her retirement in early two thousands. She was a notable musician and singer just a wonderful wonderful musician. She preferred to be called the song stylus, but definitely received many nicknames from sweet Nancy fancy miss Nancy in my favorite the girl with the Honey coated voice. And we heard it this morning for sure some great music by

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