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The Dallas Cowboys are on fire after knocking off the saints on Thursday night football on ending New Orleans. Ten game win streak fueled by athletic on defense and their major impact. Midseason trade for Amari Cooper, Dallas. Now seems well placed take the NFC east crown this season factor fiction despite his terrible reputation. Jerry Jones is actually underrated as an NFL GM. Oh, that is total fiction. Jerry Jones is they're playing. Well, it's painful for me to give them credit, but I will are playing. Well, it was a great performance. I do not believe Jerry Jones is a good GM. Doesn't mean. He hasn't made some good moves. The worst GM ever is going to make some good moves and the best GM's ever gonna make some bad moves. So yeah, I mean, he's gotten some things, right. No doubt. But overall since the since Jimmy Johnson's been fired and they won the Super Bowl the year after two years after the team that Jerry Jimmy Johnson had put together. But since they've been since Jerry Jones has been putting teams together. They haven't won any big games. They barely won a playoff game. They've had some decent records here and there, but they've never won when it mattered. I he's he stuck with Jason Garrett way too long, and that's going to continue because they're playing I listen. I can't bash him too much at the moment. It looks silly great performance. I still don't think he's a he's a good owner in terms of spending money making money. I still think it's a huge mistake that he makes himself the GM even though the Cowboys are playing pretty well. And. But I'll tell you this. No, they're seven and five vote with their history of of of choking and big spots. Ever since the the Jimmy Johnson years. It would not surprise me. If Philly could get it together and rallied to win the division play in two weeks. Games.

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