CDC warns about disease threat from Asian longhorned tick


Nineteen fifty three that the first issue of playboy magazine was published right here in Chicago, Hugh, Hefner who graduated from Steinmetz high school put together that landmark issue featuring Marilyn Monroe, and it's apartment in Hyde Park. He had scraped together. Eight thousand dollars to put out that I issue which actually did not have a date on it. Because Hefner was not sure there would be a second issue Hefner died last year. And while playboy is sixty five. It's still going though, its headquarters moved away from Chicago six years ago. Terry cash ner NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. The fortune business report is next WBZ. News time five fifty four. What does the school bell bring to mind the day's end or the end of school entirely as in kids dropping out at communities in schools, we're helping at risk students

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