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In manchester took refers big ben yes some fabulous pictures appeared yesterday big bed anybody anybody who's been to london recently and thought let's go and see the sights and emerges at westminster tube station to look at big ben is confronted by what looks like some sort of apocalyptic vision big ben is completely clad in scaffolding and it metal caging and lifts going up in that it looks like the sort of parliament of some awful futuristic film where we will bring bob robots this week this is such a classic thing with paula of it is basically falling down we're having to dodge things dropping off the move but this week that is so any talking out so many to mark the fact that they put the last piece of scaffolding which involved transporting probably this happens big building this big building projects when you reach basically the the very top of your scaffolding you'll have a little ceremony so as well as lots of people that harvey's they transported a bagpipe player and some an evergreen barrel of from a tree which was the nells to a plank of wood which i think is sort of brings good luck and marks the building product is going to be well given it pays of researchers in parliament this week have been recess having phones working because parliamentary flooded then they'd while that was being sorted out father taking it back to the top of big bed imagery thank you so much have a great day speech you're seeing actually editor of the times rape box ben fletcher has walked in good morning good morning my goal is always never been on the thameslink train by the way london brexit and trains trains otherwise everybody gets i there's so many stories i'd love to talk to you about but i suppose we're going to talk about the one that's on the front and back pages of sun mason newspapers red rum throws his toys out of the param should censor picture on the front of the sun as well i've roy the chelsea area middle this chaos awareness through with his as replication being delayed which is seen in bonn from british yours have someone said okay you're going to pay play me as a political point in your little britain on not going to build any one billion pounds stadium anymore and you're not gonna get you twenty two million quids worth of rejuvenation.

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