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So anyway. Believe it or not was by the way. Congratulations dubers- driver of the month. And OJ we're tight, and he actually whacked certifiable modern comic genius enormous. Donald locked him over that. So who knows showbiz weird? Jay Leno who. I know, you know, very, well and David Letterman, George Carlin and a few other comics. I think you're in in the in the same pool, they consider normal Donald to be one of the funniest have not the funniest man in Hollywood. Yeah. Flat out genius. But here's a weird fun. Sweet fly on the wall story. My brother's son went to school down in. I think was called windward. And I went to the graduation ceremony when he was a senior and norms son was in the same class, and I know norm since he, you know, I think norms I writing jobless with me. I've always loved them always respected. I'm sweetest guy in the world. And and really a comic genius. I'm sitting catecholamine to norm at the ceremony. And he does not seem you come in. And I see him with his boy, and he's full bore Norman Rockwell on the porch, you know, like Andy Griffith and Opie bath, and it just made me laugh. I said it's all frame it gives it. Such a surreal genius. And then I saw him in a whole different guys. When I said my God, look good nor normal distant country, cornflakes virtually. Mcdonald was going out to a big audience. Oh, no, I'm sorry. It was identification at at on Hollywood Boulevard for someone was getting their star. But it wasn't Norman Donald normal was just there to support him. And I happened to be there. And I can't remember who star was by norm standing there. He doesn't say this to me he says it to another buddy, and they announced normal Donald and the whole boulevard erupts in applause, any any looks at his buddy. He goes, hey, he goes, I'm only good at one thing. And I hate it. But I'm about to do it. So I mean, he's such a he's such a. I hate doing. But the only thing I'm good at it used to call into my radio show, which I just found out. It was opposite ears, and he would they would call it. He's like Dennis. I wanna do some puppetry. A couple of months as I said, what do you mean? He's got some new puppets. And the first one and he would say the late. This is Howard. He's a holocaust denier trae over the phone. Just call me. After it was dick Clark who used to put on a show when he put together a new show in Las Vegas. He would invite all the cabbie's on the first night. Right. And so his theory was anybody's in town over the next couple of months, they say, hey, what shows in town you like, oh, dick Clark's got a new show at MGM or whatever. Clark. Yeah. But he also said though that it's a flat audience though, because everybody's comp. So they have no skin in the game. If the guy pays two hundred dollars of his see a comic he wants his two hundred dollars worth. Well, I can't tell if there was a downside plan. I don't quite see it. I'm sure. But I do know that the Clark always earned polyglot said, let's say keeping in the cabbie million. He would flip the meter when he walked out the door each morning. I a great dick Clark story. So dick Clark was opening up a new show in Las Vegas and Vegas, as you know, it used to be run by unions and the mob and dick Clark was watching every penny. No, he didn't want to go you need and want to give the the mob their taste. So his wife was kidnapped. And so they said to his very best friend is producer. Larry. Hey, they want forty thousand dollars to get your wife back and ding Clark turned to turn the Larry and says see if you can get it for twenty five. Hey, dennis. Can you say whether for another segment? Eric. All right. Hold on. Merry christmas. All right. Let's.

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