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See that he's in a conflict situation himself so i think there's legitimate criticism of the fbi here and i'm talking about the leadership not the field agents we will see i if center grassy yes the answers from from the deputy attorney general today he certainly put a deadline of today on those questions paul callan appreciate if people can go to cnncom and read your opinion piece okay all right journalists the interview and by the way at the end she points out there that there is an opinion piece by paul callan on the cnn website but guess what it mysteriously was not there it was not on the website when a interview ran in for a whole day after no paul callan oped what they did finally put it on last night late do you see how that works they tried to throw it in laid on friday night so they think nobody will see it they're going to try to minimize the let's that's the way the game is played you shove stuff onto a latenight friday dump if you don't want people to see it and that is cnn and i read the cnn abed by this mr callan who had a great interview and it's a great up at as well and if you'll notice that all the videos embedded in that abed are anti trump videos they don't even bolster anything that paul callan as saying in his ad so the claim that oh well you see in the media's all saying this it's okay that fbi agents were by asked a little they have their opinions on trump that's just normal imagine this if the fbi was investigating barack obama and it was getting serious potential impeachment potentially throwing the president obama out of office and you have these fbi agents calling barack obama an idiot and a horrible human being and all of this do you think that would last for even a fraction of a second those fbi agents would've been fired they would apply been thrown in jail for that kind of thing but watched the media excuse it when the shoe is on the other foot folks now that that one is particularly shameless and it doesn't get past us around here may i say let's go to the phone lines real quick and i'll go in order and let's bring in brandon brandon welcome.

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