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I walked out of there, you tell this bullshit matter of fact. Yeah. Okay. So it was a bunch of Texans. Actually. Okay. So we're on a of killing. I'm killing like your team is crushing we're killing. Okay. I'm like in third place. I a little a little over halfway through and. All of a sudden my guy Chris Myers. He's like, I don't wanna play more. He just stops played stops in the middle of the season middle seat. And he just like he hasn't switched his lineup like four weeks, not the dig move. And so it's like, it's whatever. So I hit him. I'm like. Let me get Jay. The U N easily bet it's called collusion area. No question. So I he's he's like all right? But so we trade. I try to make some bumps receiver and he gave me over. The commissioner. Antoine. Cobb will Caldwell. All of a sudden, he says, oh, we can't let that trade through. I said why not he said because it's not fair as it has an affair. He's not using them. I am that's fair. The classic fantasy argument is bullshit. Right. So but before he finagled. Another gun in cases, stuttered he finagled him because he needed a running back. So he gave him like Carlos Anton car. We'll gave him Carlos Hyde noticed respect the Carlos for defined digs go. That's not fair. Right. Right. I didn't care. I saw. I saw the trailer. Like, that's crazy. You got juice. But when much I went to all of a sudden, he says, well, we'll put it to vote. I'm like, why is my trade getting put to vote, and it wasn't just that trade. It was it was another show traded him. Sees you Commissioner what percent I had. I had been Rosberg on my bench had to shine washing and been Rothlisberger bench. One of my guys needed a quarterback can have a quarterback. So I traded him. And I and Lamar Miller had just went off of that ninety some yard run. Yeah. Yeah. So I was like I needed a number a flex or a number two guy. Give me Lamar Miller and been rather burger we traded. He comes back and go we can't trade. That's not fair. What the fuck are you talking about shit? Yeah. He's like it's it gets the league's imbalanced. What the fuck is you talking about like, how are your how your trades fair trade fair either star from the jump and say, we got to put Detroit's to vote or know house pets dog nightmare every left. I was got it, man. And it was a two hundred so everybody put in two hundred. Well, so it was a nice little pot. Brought and I was like I just left. Kit's my I'm not going to go back. Fair enough. I Mike as a few football question. I I really vented right? We've all been to hate you. Hartman. Been there. Nothing worse than shitty league Commissioner. Antoine. Fuck you, Dan. If you questions about football, and we've got a million of stock you about but. The league is different now than than really when you were when you've only been out for what two three years, but when you were really in in the peak, a you're you're you're run, you're a you're three down guy. You're the running back and now all these teams have two or three guys. And my question is I'm a professional fighter. I don't know if you know this I have one professional fight. I'm retired. Just like you. Anyway, he lost one. And then he didn't lose. Okay..

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