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You're DeRosa it's fine are you like Keith Hernandez going back to sag harbor after a late night game at the Citi field may be a little bit more than that the raid this car performs so he's a guy a core on this course of around the corner and then because when you make this laughter there's nobody in front once the floor is don't be scared Florida thank when I take off and I'm flying to one like zero to ninety and weigh your marriage a law on the streets a hunting was fine it was all good I'm Tony was nobody around the Long Island Audubon yes so why but it was it was incredible and is this thing called the launch mode where you get your head gets pinned back for real I mean it's a question of how many M. Falzone saw you with you over and give you a ticket I don't know that's not the point but portion to talk about that and not know what's fine test drives for everything's was safe it was perfect there was nobody around I mean it's really would fully expect makes in fell's own right yet taken without her so anyway but the the the the car in the the dealership was great those guys were very very nice and it's an incredible vehicle it's a sweet looking ride I mean my god two year lease for your wife no no no no she's she's taking care of her car but but yesterday was it what I mean I tell you when you sit in something like that thank you understand the power that's in your hands it's frightening it's it's absolutely frightening all right Jerry is here and these gotten update force going on Jerry we are brought to you by town fair tire nobody beats town fair tire nobody what's going on are the Rangers they're going on his name is Mika Zibanejad he scored goals last night he scored a lot of.

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