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Oh, come on six rivals says I heard the first ten minutes of Scott on the secret show, you give them way too much. Love your friend Rudy is better. Have him open next time, a friend Rudy is great. But I thought Scott. Yeah. Held it. Is the audio better on the podcast than it was in the room? Rough the rumor. History sounding. I don't know what that was was that the punchline sister doesn't or is it ours. Blames us we've learned. I would rather ask the comedian will last Scott or Rudy next because they both performed there before six rivals has bunnies. Worst nightmares. His mom goes to see Scott z and gets everything he says not likely, but okay that wouldn't be good though. Maybe she gets more than she lets on. And she just wants you to you know, think that I've told you the sandy stories a million times there. I am high as a kite eating snack food as she gives me the riot act about smoking those cigarettes. Were you smoking cigarettes and Mike. Yup. You got me completely baked eating snack food while she yells at me. Almost in full hysterics went after like, I can't believe sandy has no idea. You're smoking weed none zero Deborah tried. It never smelled. It. Didn't know what she thought that was tobacco. And that was a better thing for you to have her thing, right? And the sex stuff to she. She knows my dad. She knew my dad. That's it the end she never tell you got together. Very young. I mean, you could be right. And I could be wrong. What do they say? I don't remember what secrets right something about secrets. Then the bear gets you in the ass. Yeah. That's I don't believe that that's the appropriate saying what's the saying. Some days you eat the bear some days the berry to right? That's not this here. You never know. You've heard of that one. I don't know. I don't want to talk about my mom anymore. One o'clock. I gotta kill time between our good. It'll take it two hours. And I gotta stop at deluxe. Oh with Bram. Pick up the skateboards children's. So I'll do that on the way out of town. Rams brands Bram Stoker stroke grams was that the guy who wrote like, yeah. At an stroke, Bram, Stoker Stoker. Yeah. I think so stroke something else. Yeah. Graham has one of those. Stalkers? So here's the story with the name brands. It's I rish in its short for Abraham. Oh. Horrible. It's a biblical name Bram Abraham from the bible a man. Sorry. From the bible. Go ahead who and tell us a story from the bible. So Bram was how you want to hear now. I don't I was kidding grandma's. What? The.

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