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Curry? A couple different binary but Bill colour. Cullen. Thank you. Phil. Crew was a football cup. Yeah, but I did like, Yeah. Jokers while it was awesome Joker joker, Okay and triple. You know, I'm going to go off the board and take Indonesian furniture for 200. Bill. Come on down. Yeah, that's contestant on the price is right, Hayes. Well when they went off the board that was classic Look at the rebels going on love The Joker's well Wow. Oh, Yeah, we sent into camp. Oh, hey, that guy last night in a losing effort, big ups to him to play the way that he did for as long as he did. The testament to that guy's ability, but it sure looks like the Phoenix Suns are on their way to winning their first NBA Finals. We will get into Game one of the NBA Finals. PJ Carlesimo joining us at four o'clock here on the sports leader TK Be on K NPR one. Oh 45 and 68, ft Sports leader, New car. From the Children. Auto body Traffic Desk traffic alert continuing on the Taliban past westbound 5 80 before Grant Line Road, a couple of big rigs four cars in the two right lanes. It's a jam from 205 and the eastbound ride gears down around Vasko Road past the scene. A word. An accident North 8 88 Tennison. Couple of cars there over the side now, But it is Stop and go from Whipple. Lafayette. Watch out for a large bag. Probably a yard clippings west 24, Central Lafayette and in court Madeira. There is a bicycle in the right lane of southbound one on one before Lucky Dr getting out of San Francisco. It's a slow ride, North Carolina one now. Before Cesar Chavez out to the lower deck of the Bay Bridge. This report is sponsored by Amtrak. Amtrak, Whether you're craving a breath of fresh mountain air and exciting new adventure, or just some free babysitting from Grandma Amtrak can get you there. With more than 500 destinations across the country, everything you're missing just an Amtrak away whether you're driving for distance pitching.

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