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We've talked about today. I was a freshman at am in nineteen, eighty five and we were you know Jackie Sherrill had we were pretty good. And we went to the bowl. to play the Pat. All Tigers with Vo Jackson I didn't think there was. Any way that we were going to beat them could Bo Jackson. My Gosh but I think you've been Tennessee alone. I think Tennessee with the only loss that Auburn had had that year. I. Know. They had two losses I was at that game, too, and I mean that was one of the most brutal. Losses that I can ever remember. I mean Texas. Am Ran over Auburn that Dan remember standing in the field, the cotton bowl, but watching Bo Jackson going. What are we? Would? An Auburn also lost Alabama at your? The famous Dan tiffany field goal. Okay I just thought it was interesting to put all three of those coaches in the. I thought about when I asked Yacky shirl about that I. I remember that game very well because that Auburn team really. At! One time was number one in the country. Did Not. It underperformed you know. Team. Are linebackers were really good, and somehow we were able to vote. It was Beau rightful laughed Novo. Those after he won the Heisman, the most interesting part about thank the Tennessee game was decider that year. Auburn went up there. I think there were number one in the country and just got way waylaid by Tennessee. Hey, thanks for the call I do appreciate. Your thoughts. Let's continue and talk to marsh marcy of next hey marcy. Hey. Listen I just WanNa make a comment on what the Dan. Patrick's Day about speaking about the rioters. Those people that small group of people are doing that. They're not even a heart of protests. They are there to this start travel and take the focus off of what. Did told. Testing is really about, and the total testing is mainly about. Police Accountability is not as black thing. It's not a wide thing. We love everyone it's. We want real police reform, not just poem by on moment, not just every police. Martin was people in million. All that that's great. blee need real police before till the they can be held accountable for their actions, and we have to leave in my own family, so it's not even a matter of we know. We have big COP. Bad Cop! It's not valuable. Backup if police. Born and that's all I. Have Fish Day. Thank you very much. really glad to call the. Let's continue here on this. Wednesday already been pretty crazy and matt is up next in Texas, so hey, MATT EPO! Look, I, agree. You're caller called in all I agree with the fact we need police perform what happened. That man was wrong. Definitely our show, no compassion for selling men, no empathy, no remorse. Look I know people who think I'm not the best car initial Paul. Will we need police reform? Heal this country. This good Costner's backups in the back causing making a good look bad, we need police reform. We need to get the government in district attorney to make these police departments get their house under control. Then get rid of all these bad cops all. And now will help the country heal. As a country! Hope. You're right. Met It's a complex issue and I and I think. A. Lot of people want to come up with a solution, but this is a an issue that's been going on. I understand I, ain't GonNa have friends I understand. There says help to turn standard every time they get pulled over in his wrong Paul Church with me and I believe the only way you can heal the country and have a dialogue about this is. We need to give these bad cops that. I. We agree with you on that Matt. Thanks for the call. We have to go to a break. We'll go back to Knoxville in the next hour and talk a little bit more about the passing today. John Major is more of your phone calls as well..

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