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Somehow with empathy, not I'm a macho man. I got to know this and you know no. You've got to do that connect with it so people Feel something from him. And then a second thing he's got to turn a Joe Biden asked him a series of questions that are important. He did not do last time. I mean, he left while I was kind of just Get the thing way out it out there and then he does what he always does was bombastic and then didn't work. Well, he's gotta methodically asked Joe Biden some very serious questions. He's got to do it because the people are not gonna do it Miami, But he's gonna have time to do that. So that's what has to happen. Supreme Court rules in South Carolina. Has tohave in mail in voting. A witness to the person voting Voter suppression. This is the Supreme Court. It's obvious it's logical. If you are going to vote by mail, there's gotta be somebody else with you A testing. It's you voting, they signed their name and address on the ballot. So that the authorities know its not a fraudulent vote. Dull Democrats don't want that. But why they don't want it. Supreme Court says Sorry. Gotta have it interesting ruling. Monday. The hearings on any Cockney Barrett begin. I'm going to take off Monday in honor of Christopher Columbus. I know everybody loves Chris. Um Ms Barrett will begin. The answering questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, says will be a hybrid. I don't know where that means. They are going to drive a Toyota in there. I don't know what you know, May a simple man but I guess would be some remote questions. Some in person. Everybody will have a mask. Maybe a HAZ mat suit. A lot of that Now I'll be here Monday. I gotta work because she's gonna be there. I'm gonna be there. She will get confirmed. I believe I think you're impressive woman. Vanderbilt University Very fine School in Nashville, Tennessee. So some kid Reported that in a giant seminar By Internet. There was a question on acquits. And the question Wass. Was the U. S constitution designed to perpetuate white supremacy. Wow, That's quite a question. So the kid says he answered no And the kid says He got the answer wrong. As for the outrage is right. Okay, So I look into all of this stuff I never ever report to you What I see on the Internet. Ever. I always check it out. Because that's what responsible journalism is. So here's what Vanderbilt University told us. Okay, no student was rewarded or penalized for their answer. Question was posed to stimulate discussion. All right. Students were in fact, Joe Biden were in fact not rewarded to penalize for their answers. I believe Vanderbilt may be crazy. To mark, you know. Ah, bad grade on somebody saying no, the Republic The Republic was not founded on white supremacy in the Constitution has nothing to do with white supremacy. Student says that that is the right answer. So Vanderbilt University this day in history 59 years ago October 6 1961 President Kennedy advises American families. To build a fallout shelters to protect them from an atomic bomb attack from the Soviet Union. I remember this. I remember it very, very vividly. I was 11. So I'm in fifth grade. I think. Sister Mary Caroline was my teacher. Hated me. That was an unusual I was a wise guy and a disrupter. Anyway. We had to do. Air raid drills for atomic bombs. And there were two parts of it. So the urchins Ali and the whole school do this. How to go under their desks. Now I thought this was a blast. That's That was so much fun to me. I'm under the desk. I'm punching the kid next to me. I'm doing all this stuff. Okay, so I don't know what good going under your desk could be the atomic bomb dropped on him. Don't think that would have been good, but maybe flying glass or something. I don't but then, but then We had to go downstairs in the school. And go to the basement. And put our head between our knees again. This was a blast. What a riot! This wass. Okay, So now the whole country's panicked. Because we think we're going to get atomic bombed by the Soviet Union. They do build actual shelters, fallout shelters, and there's some of them still around. You do a little Google search in your area. Now again? What good does that do? You pack people to fallout, shelter and How long you gonna stay in there? See, the radio activity stays from pretty long time. But anyway, the whole country was in a panic. I remember going home going. Hey. We have a fallout shelter. My father just looking at me like this. You know if the bomb comes, we're all going. All right. That was it. That was a cheery message for dinner. And that happened in this country 59 years ago today. Quick break back with some mail and final thought. Thiss is common sense with Bill O'Reilly on talk Radio 77 w A. B. C OK now. Juan Garza, Houston, Texas, Will you recently said that Donald Trump.

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