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A narrow just journalists in general's is an interesting time in the world right now Anyway so i graduated. And i immediately went back home to my hometown of saskatoon saskatchewan. Which for those. Who don't know it's a pretty small city In central canada in the middle of the prairies. So the running joke. If you're from saskatchewan is that your dog runs away and you can see it running three days later. So that's my home. And i love it dearly and i got a job with a small newspaper so i was the photographer and writer for the newspaper. And i think i pumped out like five to twelve articles. A week it was It was an extremely small gag. But i loved it so much and i think i might have been the youngest person the office by about twenty to thirty years so i made some. Yeah i loved it though it you know it helped me grow up a little bit I got to set my own hours. I got to go all over the city and meet people and I think it was just such a great introductory gig to what i would be doing But i had interned prior to that for years and one of my internships was at a news station. called global saskatoon and it was obviously global news saskatoon and the news director there Remembered me and i had kind of thrown my name at her. When i was moving back. Hey i'm moving back this job with this newspaper but please keep me in mind Remember when i intern for you. You know crossing my fingers that i had done an okay job and about a year into working at the paper. She gave me a call and said this job is open. Apply for it. i think it was. It was associate producer for the morning show But she said don't let that scare you turn it into whatever you want so i kind of took that role and flipped it on air So i think it was associate producer slash breakfast buzz and entertainment gal to something really convoluted like that..

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