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Feeling a lot of people which doesn't happen all that often these days work knowledge in that they were wrong but the thing that i kept hearing about that show and i love that show charlie marlowe joe straus and brian burrow was that i don't know why but when they're together i love hearing them whereas when they're apart sometimes they drive me up the wall i don't know how many times i got that email or facebook message tweet and and that's the thing about it now i i liked both guys as it was but together they had this great chemistry that i think soften some of the edges that made some people not like them when they were writing or broadcasting on their own in other words they made each other better and that show middle relief was a great show and had charlie been able to do afternoon drive it's the kind of show that for my money could have been an afternoon drive show and saint louis for years of course on fortunately bryan burwell passed away and then a year later his very good friend joe straus passed away in what is is tragic stories it gets in saint louis sports media with two great friends dying with in year of each other and when we talked about joe strauss's passing at his memorial service that was one of the things that alexis and i really wanted to drive home how close he and bryan were and so you'll sense that you won't sense it you'll flat out here it in these clips from middle relief with with charlie marlowe also interacting brian ray who is now the voice of the austin stars hockey team the dallas stars minor league affiliate and and just clips of joe being joe straus which is what made so many people want to listen to even if they didn't like what he had to say so alexa strauss for the golf tournament ask john c mar put together some audio that can be playing and we thought after seymour paul this together that it would be something that many of you would enjoy listening to essentially a walk down memory lane as we get ready for the inaugural joe straus golf tournament at west bro country.

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