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It's four am and you're sucking babies not through it too. Because she's congested if you love her that much love enough to make sure. She's buckled in the right car seat. Find out more at nhtsa dot gov slash the right seat brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. This is your tech news briefing for thursday august. Well i'm zoe thomas for the wall street journal. Hackers have pulled off a major crypto heist stealing more than six hundred million dollars worth of digital currencies from a decentralized finance platform. it's a reminder of the risks of trading on unregulated markets where theft fraud and scams are common. So how did this go down. What does it mean for the broader crypto market. And what do the hackers have to say about it on today's episode. Our reporter anna hurting stein is here to help us break down. What happened and the surprising turn. It took next. That's after these headlines. Samsung is rolling out. Two new phones with foldable screens. The galaxy z. Fold three five g. will cost eighteen hundred dollars two hundred dollars less than its predecessor. The phones seven point six inch screen folds up like a book revealing screen on the front that can perform most features a smaller model the galaxy z. Flip three will cost under a thousand dollars. It folds in half with a front screen that can display up to four app icons and it allows users to read several lines of notification and messages without opening the device. Samsung's last attempted a foldable phone. A couple years ago failed to catch on with consumers who questioned the product's durability in price. The company hopes as the economy reopens more consumers. Try out the phones stores. They'll be more likely to buy them. A bipartisan. group of senators introduced a bill on wednesday. That would impose new rules for app stores. The measure called the open apps market act aims to increase competition and consumer protection and address longstanding concerns by developers such as inept payments it comes as lawmakers question the growing power of tech companies including the dominance apple and google have in the mobile ecosystem. Google declined to comment on the legislation. Apple said its app store connects developers and customers in a safe and trustworthy way and online used car retailer. Car-o-van won't be able to sell cars in raleigh north carolina for a while after the state temporarily suspended. Its dealer license. They're a state. Investigation determined carbon failed to deliver titles to the motor vehicle department and sold cars without st inspections along with the suspension which goes until late january. The company also agreed to pay a small civil penalty and administrative fe according to court documents. All right coming up. Hackers stole around six hundred million dollars in cryptocurrencies. We'll tell you how it happened. And why it's different from other high. Profile crypto heists after the break. I'm alex you'll read.

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