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Undocumented immigrants gathered outside the Trenton State House to demand Governor Phil Murphy support families who are eligible for unemployment benefits or federal stimulus money. Heidi Cordero is an organizer with needle Latina and ex young in Hightstown. Almost anybody But most, Cordero says families have no money for their rent or bills or to feed their kids. Advocates say the state needs to take action to help undocumented New Jerseyans who have gone six months with no relief. The M T. A is hoping the threat of a $50 Fine will compel the 10% of writers who don't wear a mask to start doing so empty. And NYPD officers will now be able to issue tickets at their discretion for those who violate the mandatory policy. NEW York City Transit President Sarah Feinberg says that there are free masks on buses at tollbooths. And all officers will be carrying them. So she says. There is no excuse not to wear one. Our point is to make sure that we can get us close to 100% compliance as we as we possibly can. This is another tool in our toolbox to do so. NYPD commissioner German Shay says police officers could also be fined or punished for not wearing a mask. Officers have been seen in public in uniform, not wearing masks. New Jersey's top health official, is urging people to get their flu shots by the end of October. Health Commissioner Brody Percy Kelly says the state is bracing for the upcoming flu season along with a possible resurgence of covert 19 cases. Therefore, this year more than ever. It is important that everyone six months of age and older get vaccinated against the flu person, Kelly says. The flu vaccine it won't prevent covert 19, but it does reduce hospitalizations and protect vulnerable people. Like the elderly and those with underlying health conditions from getting the flu. 56 degrees now, sunshine today with a high of 67 degrees this afternoon tonight, clear with a low 58 5 34, This is 21. Support for NPR comes from W. N. Y C members and from the John D. And Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, supporting creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just verdant and peaceful world. More information. Is it? Mac found dot or GQ and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supporting those working towards the day when no one has to choose between paying rent, putting food on the table and protecting their health and the health of others are w J F dot or GE. This is morning edition from NPR News. I'm Rachel Martin in Washington, D C and I'm David Greene in Los Angeles. Here on the West Coast were dealing with wildfires on the Gulf Coast in southeastern United States. It is hurricanes.

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