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Bill Jones. Phil Jones for those that it killed Joe, You can't fire Phil Aim. That's right, boy. He's researching his unpaid researching. That's right. But you gotta you gotta keep smell of. Oh, yeah, Eso I'd love pickles and revealed when I was a kid. I used to drink the Brian sometimes and Caroline emailed And she said that when she was young, she would roller skate at the roller garden in ST Louis part Yes, I know it. Okay. Did you ever try the frozen pickle juice ice cubes? Um, they sold them there, so they sold the pickles and then with the remaining pickle Jews, they put them in ice trays, Put a toothpick in it and sell them and kids love them. That's a great idea. Pioneers or something. Hey, that's your waist environment right there. I love that guy would buy them for, like a dollar and 1/4 or something. Yeah. Looks so cool. I I've roller skated there, but they didn't offer those when I went, But well, you wouldn't have roller state of Judah to stand. You too. Stood by the concession. Stand the whole time. Yeah, Sitting there. Circles circles. Pinkham shoes, Popsicles. That's true. Well, your nieces and nephews would like those. Oh, they would They love pickles. Savon activity actually Amy over at the Ronald McDonald house when we drop off toys and stuff, Never, she told us about the pickle juice. They almost look like those ices that you just the plastic container. Yeah, and I ordered it like a luxury. She has them in her fridge it at work. And she told me about them. And so I ordered a box in the I've had one of those once in a while, it'll slushies pickle. Slushy, icy pop. Okay. My nephews loved that, too. And knees And then Annette tweeted and she says, Jason, are you still having leg cramps? I know Yes. And now I think I have tennis elbow, so I'm literally falling apart. But go ahead. We'll pickle brine is good for leg cramps. Oh, Thank you, Annette for reminding us when I worked for Gatorade. That was one of our archenemies was pickled. Oh, seriously. Yeah, it was like we had when I went to Gator Ology school in Florida shot. Yeah, it was part of it. It was like the the Gator Ology College. They made us all go through these classes for like a week, and one of the big enemies was Pickle juice because there was a rumor or thing going around with with kids, parents and athletes like in soccer games that they didn't need to buy Gatorade. They just would mix up some pickled this pickle juice. Because it is full of electrolytes because of the salt, But it's not a perfect balance. Gatorade is a perfect formula is in a sling so much work. It is an education here. Is that education coming on over other masters of neurology doctor? That's right. Tell us more about this perfect, balanced on its a perfect formula. I mean, they test actually said they have they hook up athletes. They even have a perfect formula specific to certain athletes. Have the whole Gatorade formula that's designed exactly for their body. So why would you want to just drink straight pickle juice? It's only going to make you thirstier because it has too much salt in it solved. It might give you that quick thing, but a lot of people throw up because there's you know they're running and then they're drinking pickle juice. Alexis in the morning sponsored by Gatorade. This's an informer know, Dawn, you know, remind me of Lex. You're gonna have your but you remind me of when I start going off on the the advantages of red lobster and how it's not as bad as people think it is because I worked there. You know, I'm like No, not all The fish is frozen. Just some of it over and lobster too. Oh, yes. I love the roo. And so long. I know I haven't been there in awhile, but yeah, I do. I love thee. Well, look, I know it's uber fancy, but I don't need uber fancy. Just give me some Walt Fried fish fried shrimp. Give me some clam strips. And I'm a happy boy. That's all I need. Speaking of food Dawn, What's What's up with the state Fair? You wrote down state fair stands. Yeah stands. So on my Twitter you confined the link to this up rocks article about Minnesota State for food vendors are setting up pickup stops in parking lots. We talked about a couple of them. There's this article because it was also featured in food and wine. There is a Minnesota State Fair Food Finder Facebook page that has 100,000 members so far. It includes also an interactive Google map that shows each fenders current location. Oh, community. So if you are one Cem tipsy pies. If you're needing some cheese curd tacos or some of your favorite fair foods, you might find it on this map. There. Quite a few. Yeah. Why was it in the strip? Yeah, I will piggyback on that. I know just because of my restaurant friends. There are a lot of restaurants that are following suit. Ah, lot of them are thinking of doing state fair themes, Days and weekends. Yeah, I'm hearing that bandied about and I really wish the entire restaurant Twin Cities restaurant community would kind of Get together and maybe make it like we can mean a week where people are coming to the cities and they could just bounce around. I think that would be a great thing. It's a great idea going to go one day when the fair is usually supposed to be how sad I think I might just do. A tour of Minnesota is back in business age gracefully with cosmetic treatments from top dermatologist Dr Charles Crutchfield. Virtual appointments are also available. Learn more at Crutchfield, dermatology. That might talk 1071 supporting our local partners who are.

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