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And get $100 off a trained cleaning today. 7 O 8. Traffic and weather on the aids to Joe Fox and the W two, you traffic center. And Jenny good evening to you. Let's get started in Maryland on the inner loop of the capitol beltway just after old Georgetown road is the first of two crashes. Looks like we have a quick delay and you want to be careful as you're coming up around the big curve because it's their pavement is wet and folks are moving at speed and then all of a sudden you come up on this crash looks like it's taken at least one of the three lanes right before the split to either continue on the beltway or take Wisconsin avenue three 55 south. And then the second crash looks like it's been moved out of the roadway. That was the first one that we had reported that probably caused the backup and that's just before Connecticut avenue. Then on the rest of the belt where you're moving slowly around the curves, but otherwise moving well with all lanes open. BW Parkway is going to be a little bit slow inside the beltway and as you continue down to two 95 in the district, slow and all the usual places which includes up and over the railroad tracks on Pennsylvania avenue. Case bridge into the district is moving slowly. That's volume only across the 14th street bridge continues over towards about the third street tunnel and you open up with just a very minor delay typical on a weekend. Prince George's county beltway is looking good earlier delays that we had around a run on mills and buoy state university of all cleared up. In Virginia 95 southbound typical volume delays as you head south past lord and across the aqua Kwan the earlier ones in Dale City have cleared out. So just a minor delay as you head southbound 66, the earlier issues with the crash at naughty street are gone. You're flowing freely all the way out to Gainesville with no problems. We did have an earlier crash in manassas 28 at believe it was lowman drive, we'll double check on that one. But anyway, 20 it's moving well at this point. Virginia beltway, no problem the earlier crash that we had on the ramp from 95 northbound to take the inner loop looks to have been cleared, but you do want to use caution that is a very slippery overpass at this point and we've seen a couple of crashes there. So again, use caution 95 northbound to turn and head towards Tyson's Joe Fox WC OP traffic. Too, storm team four meteorologist Steve prince a valley. Lingering showers and also a bit of drizzle in spots this evening in tonight areas of fog we stay in the 50s

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