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Billy ad from a practical standpoint. I was thinking about going into the office over the course of the week at some point because we have the bench press in the studio. And there's not anybody around how. How long would I have to wait? Let's just say I went in knocked out a few reps on the bench. I wipe it down with clorox. At what point does it become safer hank to get in there and throw some iron around the virus last three days of that host as whatever that was gave up dry rocks? Well it might might kill it but to be told. Us TOTALLY SAFE. You know okay. Yeah and we'll have to schedule our workouts in that way hank as a point all right anything else for billy this has been very informative. Just goes on our news. Sunday ritual have like really. I mean if if you need me do research on something will come up with John. Yes we do. You can get rid of a lot of questions. Are you scared am? I scared on c. Like a kind of like really like highly like comfortable in this crisis situation. You know it's like my mind moves real fast at a time like this. This is kind of time for your mind to move fast and I feel like everyone's out my speed now you know. Yeah no I mean some people. They tend to get calmer in times of great crisis. And I think you have that quality. It's a sign of a good leader. Hopefully let me think yeah. I'm just I'm honestly just the product of someone who wasn't allowed to watch cartoons and only watch sports the Discovery Channel History Channel. Hdtv animal planet. So but just not cartoon network cartoon like to watch. Tv as a kid. I watch a lot TV. Like mythbusters says occasional. Yeah on your director of response. I thought that guy wearing the beret like I was a little after a while. It was like to take it off. I mean if I was like what would you do? If you're bowling. Yeah are you could do the Bret Michaels and just rock band. The do rag with a cowboy hat. Yeah always drive into Chicago. And there's so many billboards O'Brien or lack is ridiculous. It's like the minute you get on. Yes yes you get off a plane at O'hare it's like right in your face every change your life new do hair baby. It was like so made so not spaced out. It was like ridiculous gamble. They Really WanNa let you know. The Youtube can look awesome with new hair. Got Good hair genes. You got great also. My great great aunts was supposed to die of Spanish flu. Oh but she survived. She said she wasn't supposed to live through the night and she ended up living till ninety saw. What doesn't kill? You makes you stronger. Hell yes. It's great match and after this is over you're going to be immune to having it right basically if you're going to be like run all the earns for Everyone. It's like a superpower but you might also spread it to everybody so you gotta be careful true. But that's a I love that billy. So we're all you got to beat this thing. And then we all live to ninety in renaissance and Renaissance assaults. All right billy will deficit. It's great to say spotty. We research projects that if this lasts more than a few months. Hey as long as it helps. Pass the time and gives people a smile. Yes Oh this time it does. I'll tell you what it absolutely does. People will be very happy that you were on the on today and happy to hear from you crisis you guys all right. Thanks billy thanks bill and good luck taking care of your patient as well until that person that you were rooting for them gently. Thanks boys. Who INTERVIEWED BILLY. Football is brought to you by our great friends at shady raise. Everyone knows we're in crazy times right now. The current pandemic. It's affecting all of us and a lot of businesses. But we want to talk about our friends at shady raise for just a second. Unlike the vast majority of sunglasses companies shady raise is completely independent if no corporate backing no outside investors. They're able to create shades because the support of each customer along the way their founder. Chris told us they're not looking for us to bring up that point to elicit any sympathy because there are a lot of businesses that are more directly impacted in need our support more but would he did want to. Offer is an incredibly deep discount for very limited time. So they're going to try to Hokey guys up so the. The shady rates team can continue to work and get shades out the door and you can benefit from a really bad ass deal at the same time. So what they're offering right now is you can use Promo Code. P. F. T. P. F. T. For fifty percents off sunglasses and fifty percent off half sunglasses of any amount of shades. So it's not Promo Code..

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