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This event thirty six years ago. Listen to miss Kaiser, she does not know me. I was not at the party described by Dr Ford, this confirmation processes become a national disgrace. The constitution gives the Senate an important role in the confirmation process, but you've replaced advice and consent with search and destroy since my nomination in July. There's been a frenzy on the left to come up with something anything to block my confirmation shortly after is nominated the Democratic Senate leader said he would quote oppose me with everything he's got. A democratic Senator on this committee public re- publicly referred to me as evil evil. Think about that word and said that those who supported me were quote complicit in evil complicit in evil. That is judge Brad Kavanagh testifying today to the Senate Judiciary committee. And if you thought he sounded a little fired up he was certainly fired up. And with good reason you understand what's going on. Here. You have members of the democrat party. No Republicans doing this. Although there there are some squishy Republicans when it comes to the question of whether or not they're going to vote for the confirmation. But I think after what happened today, I I hope that the judiciary committee can quickly move to a vote and confirm judge Brad Kavanagh, and I hope that we can remind Americans. If this is the way that the Democrats are gonna do things, you know, it's funny. There was a phrase from the Clinton impeachment era, and the Democrats used it to. Describe what they thought was highly unfair. They called it the politics of personal destruction. Now in that case, we weren't talking about some fantasy that may or may not have happened. That was unconfirmed by witnesses. We were talking about stains on a blue dress. We were talking about women like Paula Jones who said this man, not just sexually harassed him. Her dropped his pants and invited her to perform a sex act. We're talking about Kathleen Willey who appealed to President Clinton for help. When her husband was dying who is sexually harassed by him. We're talking about you know, about Juanita broaddrick who was raped by Bill Clinton quite some time ago. We were talking about real things in that case. And they said, oh, you're talking about his personal life. That's the the politics of personal destruction. They called it. Well, guess what? The Democrats have now decided to say even when we have a good man a virtual choir boy by his reputation. Shen and is good deeds over more than fifty years of life. We will destroy Brad Kavanagh. It doesn't matter if the charges are true or false if we can get him withdrawn, it won't matter to anyone and I think that's absolutely shameful. Somebody should start showing up at every single town hall held by a United States Senator whose taken this position who vowed to vote against Brad Kavanagh, no matter what he said the confirmation hearings because most of the made those promises within either hours or days of Cam Kavanagh's nomination this summer, they said we're gonna vote against it. Doesn't matter what he says doesn't matter how qualified he is. But they had to find an excuse to vote against him. And they would go out and make it up if they had to and by the time, we find out it's not true. The decisions already made. Let's go to Janice in Virginia agendas. Welcome to the LARs Larson show on a Thursday night. What's on your mind tonight? I just wanna say I've done therapeutic therapeutic teaching parents eighteen years. The kids were very sexually abused. Tell them had suppressed mentally someone. They got into therapy. It did come out some of these kids for six seven years old. But they remember who did it. They know where. Forget anything now. Suppress memory. But you know, what? I don't know if this stuff has been put out there. But I think once she had that and she told her therapist. She didn't give the name. But then he thought wow. Maybe it was having all maybe. Exciting to tell friends that was some important person. They would recognize by the way, you Janice, and can I throw in on top of that theory. So she never claimed to have a suppressed memory. She said, in fact and said before she showed up to testify today that this incident has troubled her for her entire life. So she's not one of those people who had something terrible happened when she was ten or twelve and suppressed it where your your mind, literally, grabs a hold of it takes a shovel berries it so deep you don't even you don't even know it's there, and then it pops back up in a time of stress later on. She says she's been troubled by this. And she brought it up in two thousand twelve and you know, what I think is special about twenty twelve twenty twelve was a presidential election year. A lot of people were fired up Mitt Romney was running for president in one of the man named as a possible supreme court nominee had Romney become president was Brad Kavanagh. So his name was in the news. Now, you're going to go in. Into counseling with your husband. You say this terrible thing happened to you that this teenage boy did this to you. And as you say a famous name that'll sound more significant than just this was done to me by some random teenager that. I went to school near me and bread Kavanagh's name is in the news. And you say that's a kid who went to the school that we partied with or that we were associated with or he was at or he was a friend of Mark Mark judges. I know I'll use his name, and maybe not even consciously who was that guy. And I'll tell you I still am intrigued by the theory that some folks came up with it was mentioned, but without mentioning men's name, and I'm not gonna mention man's name. There was a teenage boy who went to school at the same time the cabin on judge. We're going to that high school who lived in a house that fit her description of the physical surroundings where this assault allegedly happened. If you look at his picture on. Line. He like. Oh, he looked so much. I could look at him. I've got a couple of people that are in my business that I sometimes get mistaken for they'll say, oh, you're Ken Ackerman. And I say, no, I'm LARs Larson and Ken gets mistaken for me from an we're friends. So we kind of laugh about it. But we're both in the same business. We both have dark hair, and we're both about the same height and build all that. Could you imagine her saying I've got to think who was that guy? And another telling thing is that apparently this past summer, the Washington Post reported that Dr Ford reached out to other high school classmates and said, look I'm trying to remember this. I think this was before the letter was written. And and but I need some refreshment on that memory. You know, I need to find that memory again. And they said we can't remember it at all. So maybe she just went with what she had in her mind. It was Brad Kavanagh, and he is now a famous name..

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