Mr Manson, Leslie Van Houten, Vincent Bugliosi discussed on Hugh Hewitt


The slaughter assented to affluent los angeles neighborhoods orchestrated by mr manson on to successive nights in august nineteen sixty nine and seemingly random killings seemingly random killings were calculated to hasten the rate by making them appear to be committed by black militants that in turn he told his followers would stir white set him been against blacks triggering the widespread von by blacks cuts familiar to similar that is we've got running around this country now by this scheme bore surpised plausibility who the rash of urban explosion throughout the 19th 60s unfortunately with the murders payment sixty nine after all about race violence was uh over from sixty eight and sixty seven uh the slayings were known at the tate lobby allcomers and mr manson and four of his followers were arrested convicted in seventy one all face the death penalty and should have received that but their sentences were reduced to life in nineteen seventy two over the years helterskelter massacres of they were often described detained macab foklore dimensions how turning book songs movies and even an opera susan atkins patricia krenwinkle leslie van houten charles tex watson all convicted vincent bugliosi who is the deputy district attorney who convicted him wrote the book helterskelter which i i began dumb late one night and then clinton flicked the rest of the night scariest dumming the guy was not insane but he would the personification of evil and if there is justice and the here after that charles manson's having a bed go today on the on the sad side tell us country star died he keep income he wrote a lot of great czars be don't take your loved to turn down he didn't the country music hall of fame a nashville medal of arts winner he was 85 on dan and i i want you put a story he is best known for overcoming or nods with quiet huber and heroes jojima what the background to this koa nor about the play lock zone bob background is from these doubtless brothers variety show back in the '70s and mel gibson was in time and decided to kind of will story to highlight make fun of his stuttering and all would hit that was where.

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