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Another character who wasn't all meaningless. But Jason Clark's character. Who's the, you know, the heavy in this movie? And I don't think Jason Clark was was bad. But they make his character soul over the top. That was like Jesus, man. Even Satan is not this evil. Well, that's that's that's the that's the thing. Man. I mean before all these twists happen. It's not that great. Anyway, all the said all these characters are flat. I as I was mentioning you know, when we were talking about this. Matthew my excuse me. Matthew mcconnahey is kinda like the drunk with the dark secret. But has a soul dark secret will reveal why he is like he is we talked about Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway straight out a Bill more detective novel. You know? Zima SU he none. But the the inspiration of black side kick, right? That negro he's just a to Wang's away from being the magical, mystical negro. He's just short of saying Mr. Kearney's both going to help you boss. He's his conscience. He's yeah. He's black Jimmy cricket. And even he. And even has a big back store that they that they build up and he's highly in the movie like they go through his family tree and shit. All the whole my granddaughter needs money for the next semester. Okay. I'm Kelly that granddaughter ain't got shit to do this movie. When it's all said and done all this shit. They talking about ain't got nothing to do with anything. It's funny. How things can be destroyed by one simple turn in a movie. And as I was saying before the twisties characters were not that great in the one. I thought was the worst was Jason Clark. Jason Clark plays and Hathaway's a husband, and that's cool. Okay. You know, but they they tried to hard to make us not liking to make us hate him. Every single thing he says every not not some of it every single word. It comes out of his mouth paints him as the most despicable asshole. You could ever meet in your life. He everything God, man. You know? Yeah. He'd really show him giving a homeless person a dollar. We give some substance to this do I mean he had to do that. But just say something. I was gonna say something nice. But just not mean to somebody. Yeah. This. This is just the slimy. Shitty person. He beats his wife he beats his step kid. He launched his money his money. He rolls. He rose over everybody when he's carrying a gun. Asshole. My wife my beautiful wife. She ranged this trip. She sat up on the internet night after night typing away to find the perfect boat. That's not make this trip because she wants it to be perfect perfect for me. Myself. I'd say son of talk at same as any other not fly to some of the Ryland. But I don't got time..

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