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With big ideas. Welcome to tears to business today. We have bag. Stacey wellborn otherwise known as lady will born here in mobile alabama. Thank you so much for coming back on. The show. Always love talking with you. Love talking with you. You're so informative. Now we're in covid. We're mardi gras season. And we can't have parades stinks. It really sucks followed it. Isn't that just plain sucks so tell me you know. I've been working a lot lately. So i haven't been watching the news. I've seen so much facebook though about yard guy. Yeah tell me what's going on a friend of mine. An server actually started website mobile porch parade. Gosh two weeks ago tomorrow. So it's been less than two weeks. She sent a note to a group of girls on instagram said. Hey i just started this thing. Check it out and so i did and then i said well. Do you have a facebook page. He goes no. I don't really do facebook us at girl you've got to have a facebook facebook page so She's like well you do. And i was like sure and so. I basically set up a facebook page on wednesday morning and then all of a sudden to become the pr representative for this offer. That's what you do. And i love it and being downtown or living in the old neighborhoods and being a part of this community. I personally was very sad to not be able to participate mardi gras decorate for more to go. I was ready to just to put the christmas away and wait for summer. Yeah we were supposed to ride week before last dolphin allen so my husband and i have been in that organization since two thousand and five and so it sat everywhere i think the financial impact though is the saddest thing of all yes definitely. It's funny when the mayor of new orleans and the mayor mobile get into it about who. We are mardi gras started. We all know it started in mobile. Alabama does why and everybody sees it as a big party By bills a little bit family. Friendlier there are no rules in new orleans right right but if you look past the party somebody interesting. The mobile mask I was reading something he wrote in. He says it's not this year. That were really gonna feel the impact. The restaurants will the mars will Do me mardi gras. Will you buy your throws and your beads in like in places like that. But the costume. Makers yes all right. They're not gonna fill it this year because because everybody pre-ordered and prepaid for this year and they'll just wear them next year. What are they going to do the next year. Getting ready right from there to the stores where they buy their supplies and the trickle down effect on the flight designers and all the artists involved. In that i mean they've as you say they were all set and ready to go for this year and basically put it on hold and they'll just run those next year so those flow designers won't have work for the next year. Will you got the designers. But how about all those people who make all the paper. Michelle on it's hard for me to bill. Sorry for the beer and liquor people because people drinking more now than ever. I think they're okay except the bars and restaurants. Well you know i- adele..

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