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The latest installment of KCBS traffic from Kim, and that back up on the upper deck is improving. Every time I check, that's what they brought to you by junk King. We had the car. The cop fire on the upper deck mid span at Treasure Island fires out now and they're wrapping everything up, in fact, got another call from the case because phone force With an update. So thank you for that, Uh, we did have a backup, solid backup all the way to the toll plaza. It's ah, almost back to normal now, so should be back to normal by my next report. In 10 minutes, you're right out of the city to the lower deck of the Bay Bridge. Not too bad at the moment. It starts to back up on the North bound 11 just before the central freeway split and moves at the limit across the span into Oakland. I do see traffic. Lt Sure. Freeways Preeti packed in both directions Right now, that would be eastbound and westbound Interstate 80 between the MacArthur Maze and that University Avenue in Berkeley. But no problems eastbound. In fact, the spanner or westbound between Berkeley in the car, Keenest Bridge. Good time to be there, and junking is also there for you. You can stop the spread of unwanted clutter. I distancing yourself from all the junk you've accumulated over the years. Let junking haul it away free Virtual estimates 100% Touchless Pick up no contact payments, called 888888 Junk. 8888885865 Mention curves curb side that ISS for 15% off your next service. Next update 2 48 on the traffic leader, KCBS. No amount of Hayes out. There could be for a smoke from a wildfire in the Central Valley and a bit of lingering fog at the coast. We're seeing temperatures low sixties at the coast mid sixties low seventies near the bay in mid to upper eighties inland, Dido that for tomorrow and then it's going to start a warmup on Friday, with temperatures peeking for the weekend traffic and weather together on KCBS. We're here for you with the facts. Of course, The biggest contributing factor is because oil prices happened down and straightforward news coverage as well as a price for that's going on between Saudi Arabia and Russia. All news all the time right here on KCBS. We're the team that's always covering your community. Black Diamond High School in Pittsburgh carry. Who'd a SEC K. C. B s. We're the team that's always broadcasting live from the Bay Area in Santa Rosa, Doug Sovereign KCBS. We are the Berries news station KCBS. In your car on your phone and streaming on your favorite home speaker.

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