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Do you know what a judge is or a lawyer. Judges and lawyers are jobs. People have where they work to make laws laws are used to keep us safe and keep order in the world but sometimes laws are made that are unfair and sometimes new laws need to be made to help people be treated equally in this episode. We will talk about one of the most important people in the fight for women's equality. Ruth bader ginsburg. Ruth was born in brooklyn new york in nineteen thirty three when she was born. Her name was actually joan ruth bader but when she was in first grade there were many jones in her class. Her mother told her teacher that everyone could call her ruth instead so from then on joan bater was called ruth. Her parents were hard working but they were not rich. They were jewish and brought her to the synagogue or jewish temple regularly to study the torah or the jewish holy book. From a young age. Ruth was annoyed to learn that women were not allowed to read from the torah. only men. She was unhappy that she was treated differently. Ruth mom was very independent. Woman independent means to do things on your own. She was very close with ruth and taught her that it was important for ruth to get a good education and to be independent two. She took a close interest in her education. Although her mother had gotten excellent grades in high school she had finished when she was fifteen and wasn't able to go to college instead. She had to work in a clothing making factory to help pay for her brother to go to college instead. Ruth's mother wanted to help her get into the college and studied to become a high school history teacher. Ruth like studying with her mother and it helped her to excel or do really well. She was also inspired by what her mother had done for her brother. Working in a factory to help pay for his education was an act of selflessness. That stuck with ruth. An act of selflessness is something that someone does to help another person without any thought of what it will do for themself. Ruth were very hard in high school and got excellent grades. Sadly her mother got sick with cancer when she was in high school and died the day before ruth graduated ruth had studied so hard and gotten such good grades that she got into cornell university..

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