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You got to check out her work and all the other great staff. That's out there at the TV ratings guide dot com before we head on out there were a lot of series pickups for all of the networks because they cancelled some shows that were ones that they need to pick up in its place. Are there any that pique your interest right off the bat? Are there any that you think have hit making potential or are there, some that look like they're already delay near gonna start with ABC in ABC picked up maker in the beauty? They picked up. They took emergence from NBC in picked up United. We fall in for life in. They had a rough. Occurred low of four shows that got ordered. And it was because the new regime on ABC in the new ABC president. They did not like any of the pilots from the previous regime in. So they pretty much punted on pilot season since they punted on a lot of stuff the left a lot of room for other networks to pick up some other shows what were some of the more interesting aspects of shows that were picked up by CBS, NBC FOX, the even the CW, what were some of the interesting pickups that were made with CVS. We got a Chuck Laurie sitcom coming the series, hold, Bob hearts, Abbas Shola or a Bishop, I can't pronounce the name and then narrows dig unicorn, which is interesting to say the least, like what's a show about a unicorn doing on CBS when there's all those cop shows. Yeah. Exactly. That's something different from the norm. So we'll see how that tracks when it comes to people watching that type of show on CBS platform because shows that are off the beaten path for CBS. They have a tendency to stick out like a sore thumb and it's not necessarily in a good way for those type of shows because people are looking for a certain type of thing, that's why so many of the same types of shows, get picked up and renewed year after year by CBS. So it will be interesting to see how that plays out at CBS. Are there any other series pickups at all that interests, you or are there any that you think are going to be just failures right out of the gecko CW recently picked up, Katy Keene in two other shows the Nancy drew pickup, in that woman that one is going to be very interesting how that plays out because of the sexual orientation of the main character? And the fact that it's intended to create some. Don't say controversy, but great. Some conversation. And I think it will be very interesting to see how that plays out. I'm excited to see that type of show get onto the air and I'm, I'm wishing all the best because the fact that it is different. And at wants to be different right out of the game, it's gonna do pretty well for the CW not so much on the, the linear part is much, but in streaming aspect of the CW whereas, I think Nancy drew was probably not going to do well out of the gate but it's gonna probably have some type of dynasty deal that would probably allow some breathing room on CBS. Whereas Katy Keene, that's not gonna do. Well, Riverdale ratings are falling off a cliff and CW's just recently changed affiliates in Chicago for the third time. Oh, that's never good slowing, when it comes to major markets, such as Chicago. So we'll have to wait and see what goes on with many of these series because. I have a feeling we're going to be talking about many of these series, not necessarily in a good light come December by the time, the end of the year happens once those shows debut in September and October. Some of them will actually be talking about in a positive line. And this happens with all of these television shows, the great majority of them, do not see the sunlight after either their initial season or an abbreviated one when it comes to what is enjoyed and what is not so enjoyed by the folks watching those major broadcast networks. All right, my friend. It's been great talking to you as always. It's Jessica box once again for the TV rains guide. We're just so happy to have her part of our show. Part of our.

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