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He pulled me right off. The bat he goes. That type of alarm is usually wired to a police station. This is not a good hit for you. I go listen by the time the wire it's the police station. I could go women and take that shit. That's knows things. And i'm not gonna run towards the cops. I'm going to run away from the cops to the condo. Got him in that closet. I could just go up there lot. My fuck in stuff up there and lock myself in the apartment that he cools off he goes. You got a point i go. How much response. Time i have. He goes well depending on what they're doing. I mean you could see from the jewelry store you could see the mall and the police station was on top of the mall. So i say it was. Maybe it was maybe a six or seven mile walk. Maybe a four five minute drive but if the cops are under the substation dead poesy eighty two. I'm gonna see the light coming out. you know. So he goes. That's that's what it is he goes for me. It's not worth it but if you feel you could go in there and break the glasses and take everything out. So i went up there. He didn't have cameras. I would study what i needed but the stuff to make it more efficient. My plan was to cut the wire so that would get deterred going through the back door. Comment pop the six locks and then go back with a bag and empty everything. Run out through the front door. push me through. A path takes me to my hidden condo. My little back cave. Where i put on my construction clothes and walked back down the hill past the cops like nothing happened. I was just doing some work up there for him. That was the plan. On a fucking tuesday and i was gonna stick to it because the following weekend was going to be new year's and then it was gonna be january was going to be no fucking money and fucking asked him which is ally. There's still money up there but the big money is going to be christmas fucking week. I wanna do this one. Heist lay low all of january. Fuck with the head. And then i go back to new jersey in february and i'll never don't don't let it'll be unsolved crimes. That was my big fuck implant so sure enough that we comes when i'm gonna fucking robbed a jewelry store i'm ready to fucking goat tiptop magoo. I take my fucking switch. I bring them up to the house up in the daytime. I bring all my tools up in the house in the daytime. And i'm ready to fucking go. The only problem i should have done was actually created a diversion. I should've let some on. Fire blew up of optum. Bond was something. That's why i fucked up. But everywhere else i was okay. I had all my basis covered up. Data check sure enough. He left with some check. Left all the diamond rings and bracelets and all the other knickknacks he had in the glass. I'm ready to go here. We go now. Like i said this time i had destroyed the mall on christmas eve so cops around high end and even fucking it in the local snowmass paper. Snowmass village more terrorized on christmas eve. I kicked out a few doors. Yeah the guy's kaunda drum. I still think about the conduct drummer. Mike i have no class whatsoever when it comes to being a klepto. I'm happy. I can tell you people stories because of not. Keep them in the closet and they'll drive me fucking crazy so the day comes exciting sunday. I'm rob this motherfucker. I look out my window and snowflakes dispirit coming down that this big this fucking big is a fucking utopia a snow. It is coming down like it's nobody's fucking business. I put my boots on. I put my little winter clothing on. I take a little walk up there. They're open business. As usual people are going in the mountain is covered. Every tight is to go to. This place called the stew pot. It's still there. They make the best fucking store in the world. They used to make a burgundy beef. That would make.

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