Man took bank 'by force' before killing 5 women, police say


There was a brief court appearance for a man accused of killing five people at a Florida Bank. Twenty one year old Stephens aver faces five counts of first degree murder in the shooting deaths of four Bank employees and a customer all of them women at a SunTrust Bank. Branch in Sebring, Florida police chief Carl Hoaglund says they have no known motive he immediately contacted Bank employees and a Bank customer and overtook the back by force. He then shot everyone in the Bank after shooting them be called nine one one after more than an hour of unsuccessful negotiations. Swat team storm the door of the Bank. Unfortunately, all victims had gone to their injuries inside. The Bank Xavier was a former prison guard trainee who recently moved to Florida from Indiana, a woman who dented herself as an ex girlfriend said he often talked about hurting people and has been fascinated with death and

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