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Church Democrats have some big changes in mind for America's cops mornings on the mall Wednesday morning five to nine W. M. A. R. us let us go to Akane Pennsylvania I hope I pronounced that correctly mark is that is that what is going on around yeah yeah okay god bless rush you're healthy that brother you're you're the man and you've taught us all to think better but they are here I did not hear it so you opened up with the generals academic rosh are condemning Jarvis trump yep and there you are okay you know I'm a little bit confused why have these generals but why you may put a petition out for Michael Flynn says there has been sandbagged by these Democrats how to make them so silent on that yeah that's actually something you would think as he is one of their fellow generals that's something you'd think they'd have something to say about it yeah she would would kind of just seven seven because no matter how many decades of service you have to your country you can lose everything in twenty minutes if the deep state just decides to screw you over as it did that I'm not sure that would be something concerned generals for Flynn is something that Mattis and Kelly and co who might use really do but as you say Montana absolutely silent on that I'm and also silent mark all these people who stole world these are decorated generals three we need to listen to them well one of these generals of World aged Vietnam they did the helicopters in the desert in Iran they did the first Gulf War they did the second Gulf War right in Afghanistan there go to tremendous record these are general so totally worthy of respect apparently that doesn't that doesn't apply to Michael Flynn when he's being obviously screwed over by a cabal of roads federal agents you're right month as hypocrisy all around on that side I guess I could use the excuse that they speak up for Michael Flynn it would be conduct unbecoming of an officer yes when you directly blast or just you know just respect the commander in chief some are you're supposed to get a Pat on the back and one other question no not not yet just just let me say something on that the you know the whatever it is the uniform code of military justice does actually say something about the conduct expected of retired officers and I would say as a general proposition unless a retired officer is thinking of doing an Eisenhower and contemplating running for office then actually weighing in on something that's purely political as these guys increasingly do is not conduct becoming to a senior officer mark what what was your last point okay yeah the other point is gonna make is like all these are people who want to be from the policemen and of course right now these politicians are weighing in and they wanted the farm all the police community does that also include the secret service service who provide protection for all these politicians does that mean now that all these politicians are gonna be out there on their own won't have the you know the protection from the police the secret service or anybody else are they going to give that up or is it gonna be like obamacare were they had the Obama care for all of us but they exempted themselves well I think I think it would be closer to the latter thank you basically you would say even though you would see even more the bifurcation of society into those who have their own personal private protection and those who done whether that private protection is called the secret service all whether they wind up in Congress just hiring a lot of now unemployed ex cops to protect them but it's going to make everything that that the puzzle Minneapolis city council actually got it right mark she said that the Alisyn Camerota went high houses broken into is going to be reduced to someone in Chicago on a weekend and that is gunshots coming from the living room room wall of your frame house that's how they won it a white privilege means we'll have to be made as vulnerable as the west neighborhood in Chicago thank you the coal mines that's mocking Moran console Vania we got lots more straight ahead do give me a call especially if your of the antifa this raisin one eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two I love to hear what the other side is thinking so do give us a single on the telephone you may listen in on the EIB network Washington Washington it is once again my privilege to join my hand right in honoring those who have.

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