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Then the rest of the yard and it'll be in a rectangular shape. Is there anything like that outdoors and you're at your house? Wow, I can't tell. But I'm concerned because I water the backyard. And I don't want a water on top of it. Yeah, well, boy, I'm glad you called. I think you're very smart to be concerned about that. I would. How old is your house? Eva? I don't know. I wanted since, um The turn of a C 19 1900. No, no, it would be 2000 year to turn of the other century, Okay? Um, well, but we're not the reason I'm getting at it. Hopefully it's halfway modern because you live in Wellington is that Larimer County up there? It's Lerma County. I live between Wellington and Fort Collins. Yeah, well, I would call the Larimer County Health Department and see if they'll have a file on your house and they'll have a diagram of war. The septic tank and Leech field are and they can probably scan it and email it to you. So glad you called. No idea. Yeah, I'm glad you called, because you don't want a water over the leech field for the reasons I just mentioned a few minutes ago. And so, Yeah, they'll have a diagram for you. That you can. You can pace off, you know, and maybe get some. You know those landscaping flags, you, you get it lows. You know the mark your sprinkler heads. You could put flags out there and just just don't water in that area, but they'll have a diagram for you. You may have to drive in. Larimer County Health Department. Yeah, you may have to drive in to get work. What is the county seat of Lerma? Is that Fort Collins? I'm sure it is. I don't believe so. Yeah, she may have to drive into Fort Collins to get it. But nevertheless, I'll have a diagram for you, okay? But that's wonderful. That is so useful. I have often wondered in past where it is, but today is called, You know, The other conversation he had made me realize is more important than I realized that no, no, no, I'm going. I say. I'm glad you called. Can you do you know where your septic tank is? I do, and I have a question about that, too. It is covered, and I think I heard you once say that it's best to let it breathe and not have it covered. Yes, there should be at least two round kind of manhole sized holes in the septic tank with lids. And you want those exposed to the air, so the septic tank and breathe And so it doesn't? Uh, otherwise it can encourage deterioration of the concrete of the septic tank from sulfuric acid. So they sell decorative sleeves that you could buy a ranch supply store like big are something like that. It's a green sleeve with a green lid on it, so you'll always know where the septic tank is. But that way those lids are exposed to just a little bit of ventilation. And that means that your septic tank will last longer. It'll be healthier because.

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