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Optimistic times in washington and seoul as people in the us from south korea fully digest the idea that a meeting between president trump and north korea's kim jong own might actually happened on the streets here in seoul the overall mood is optimistic at are very enthusiastic about their president here moon jaein feeling that he really pulled off the virtually impossible i mean he did say president moon that this is almost miraculous that president trump agreed to this meeting corresponded will ripley in seoul has also been reading president trump's tweets he tweeted about north korea four times in four hours he said he had conversations with china and japan both of which he says are optimistic about this process pleas that he's pursuing a diplomatic path as opposed to the alternative he says that he believes north korea will honor its commitment not to test a missile or a nuclear device while the diplomatic process is ongoing but the time and place for a trump kim meeting is still yet to be determined i'm rich johnson and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters traders and investors don't let your guard down when it comes to volatility that according to jeff regan lack who says the vicks may not be sending an all clear signal for the markets glenn lack the billionaire bond manager whose chief executive officer of double line capital said on twitter late friday that the markets are at an important crossroads but he said he was sceptical that volatility was over for now on twitter president trump made his thinking on tariffs a little more clear today he says if the eu drop superiors and tariffs on us products going in we will likewise drop hours big deficit if not we tax cars it said her bloomberg lp the parent company of bloomberg radio.

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