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Oh, I don't know this one might be too gross. Oh. Saying something for Florida. Things happen to carpets down there. That shouldn't happen to any decent Kerpen. Yeah. You're correct. Yeah. This is this is worse than that. I think oh man put bodily fluid and co workers mug. Yeah. I don't like. I'm guessing it's not wanna even not one of the easier to get by fluids. Let's see. Let's find out. You would be correct, sir. After repeatedly clashing with a female coworker. A Florida man allegedly twice placed. Creamer. You went number three. In the water mug. Used by say, I mean, you're going to see that in the water mug, right? The water mug used by the victim who consumed some of the tainted liquid police allege. Robert tyson. Sixty two was charged last week with two counts of misdemeanor battery that should be a felony. I think so too in connection with his alleged violence inside the offices of Tallahassee dermatology center Tyson who has pleaded not guilty to the charges was fired from his job last month. Okay. Agree with that. According to a probable cause affidavit the Thirty-seven-year-old victim told police the while she was consuming water from her mug last month. She became aware of a distinct taste and smell. Upon inspecting the inside of the mug. A water mug a coffee mug, but you have water in it. Yeah. Like, you know, one of maybe.

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