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Many. This is Xtra sports thirteen hundred. Never been around the guy that was more dominant his position than Orlando pace. I remember one time where there was an interception thrown to champ Bailey in the end zone, and I watched Orlando pace chase down chant Bailey. Pani was tackled by. What an enormous left tackle the Rams if the champ Bailey looked like he was going to go on hundred and five yards on the return. What a play by Orlando pace. I don't know if there's another offensive linemen and football that could make that point. This guy had everything you wanted in a player, but in an offense at a guy that I never had to worry about who was on that side of the ball. I knew Orlando was going to shut him down without a doubt. He was a slam dunk hall of Famer and one of the best guys to play that position in his our own hall of Famer Kurt Warner along with Howard. David mad Millan Boomer Esiason talking about guy who's joining us right now NFL insider, I'm Scott Graham, and Orlando pace is our guest right now. From the pro football hall of fame Orlando, thanks for doing this. We appreciate you being here. Hey, no problem. Thanks for all the information. You guys are gonna have to have back a little bit more. I was pretty. I've got to imagine. When you get a play like that that people remember in a legendary way that's got to be something that you remember pretty well too. Oh, absolutely. Every time. I see Tampa Bay around. You always remember that played as well. We laugh and joke about it. Couple the play. A pretty big way tastes tamp down on that. Accent. It's funny because Kurt Warner and talking about you says, you know, you think about the greatest show on turf and everybody's thinking about him, and and the wide receivers, and and Marshall Faulk, but he said, none of that happens without you without you being kind of the rock that held that down. How I mean, I understand that you had a very very long career and that greatest show on turf period was not the longest period of time. How long was it into that first season of that greatest show on turf before you knew you were involved with something special? Great. I think read up with that. San Francisco game. I believe it was there game of the year in Saint Louis and beat San Francisco and probably seven or eighteen very, and we knew what we'd be that. We'll be we had arrived. And we're ready to go. Kurt warner. We're excited we're going to cover as a crew Claire myself, and we were all growing and coming into our own. Orlando. There's been so much talk about trying to improve the potential of the health of players who play this game. And in playing the game the right way and the NFL way to play something that has taken on big prominence. This year. There's an award called the NFL way to play award each week. It's announced on Thursdays on NFL networks. Good morning football. You were one of the panelists who is judging this award. Tell me how that came about. Great. Game. You call and ask me if I would be a part of that panel. And. Zayn at that helps keep me connected to the game. And then obviously kinda make the game safer, and I'm a I'm a big proponent of all making the game safer and really rewarding the good play. Reducing negative negative things about you know, the hits and all that. And then I can tell you NFL's has a big initiative to make the game safer. And this is just one one of the ways that they do that by rewarding really rewarding really good call. Now, I got to point out to anybody who's listening that you were the only offensive lineman who's on this panel. Does that mean that the guys who were on the offensive line are getting a little preferential treatment from you? Oh, absolutely. The guy that I watch the day guy around the barricade tomorrow back to get my vote. Have a great technique. The other guy's gonna pay respect the offense players much. But. I know how difficult that play when I was in in in our world that kid performed it Orlando the hall of fame was in the news this week. And it was in the news this week. Because of the fact that Sohn had something to say it's about the long term effects of play on players in the health of players who are now in the hall of fame and a couple of different sides of the way. This story was presented one of which is the need. That's there. The other is the approach with which a group of players have decided to go in order to make that statement. What was your reaction? Marie action. A number. Obviously, I'm a on the legends coordinator what we tend to do in situations. Like this we educate. Our former players what's available in ways that we can have between the league and former players, so we're always educate guys we have to do that. We're going to go out and do that. Get those former players the assistant. So, you know, Eric brought that out, but hopefully, they can get all players not only follow famous football players. The assistant. In a lot of ways. I guess that you, and I you know, I'm there every single year with Westwood One. And and and talking about things and doing interviews around James Lofton, I watch James Lofton who's the mayor of canton for that for that one week. I'd hate to see that tradition. Go away. And I would hope that there might be a way to make this point without the possibility of the threat of a boycott. Yeah. Absolutely. I think I'm the guy that I love to go back to Pat not only twice as a hall of Famer and seeing the older guys in hear their stories. And hopefully, we can do, you know, worked out guys will have to boycott Orlando. Thanks so much. We really do. Appreciate you being here. And remember you promised now that you're going to have to come back after we did that intro for you. So at some point or other we're going to have to have you back. With my guy. Kate warner. Oh. All right. Thanks so much. Don't forget that NFL way to play award is awarded each week on NFL networks. Good morning football on Thursdays that was hall of Famer Orlando pace enshrined in canton in two thousand sixteen..

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