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Of congress until the government reopens. Chinese Internet users are speaking out on social media after losing access to Microsoft's Bing, search engine people have complained online about the ruling communist parties, increasingly tight online censorship with some accusing regulators of choking off access to information others complained. They were forced to use Chinese. Search engines they say deliver poor results being complied with government censorship. Rules bakes quitting foreign websites that are blocked by Chinese filters from search results. President Xi Jinping's government steadily tightened control over online activity, Microsoft confirmed in a statement Bing was inaccessible in China. It's the company's trying to determine next steps. Shutdown drags on. I'm Tim Maguire the AP news better right after the Senator dick new rejected a pair competing bills to reopen. The government members of both parties took to the Florida. Call for compromise. Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski for the first time in thirty four days. You've had a bipartisan group of senators coming together in public speaking in public about a commitment to work together. White House says President Trump would consider signing a short term Bill to reopen the government and have negotiations, but only if it includes a down payment on the wall. The agreement is I mean, yeah. But if they come to a reasonable agreement, I would support it. But house speaker Nancy Pelosi dismisses the down payment idea suggesting it's not serious. Florida's top election official less than three weeks on the job abruptly resigns after Tallahassee newspaper obtained pictures of secretary of state Michael Erdal in black face dressed as a Hurricane Katrina victim at a two thousand five party. I'm Tim Maguire. AP digital news back in a moment. Thank you for listening to the AP radio network. Hey, did you know that he Associated Press produces news related books? Here's what's new enough. Coming first pet presidential dogs, cats and other critters deadly force fatal confrontations with police the Hubble telescope a universe of new discovery and many more. Visit AP dot org slash books to purchase or visit Amazon Barnes and noble dot com. I books.

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