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For Wednesday. We're looking at The skies with a high around 64 currently outside, We have a raindrops and 50 degrees in Sacramento, and it's time to take a look at news from your neighborhood. We've got Albert Parnell with what's going on, Albert? Yeah, that's coming out of the Chico Enterprise record. So students at Chico State University are demanding lower tuition due to the pandemic. As of Sunday over 4000 students, which is a quarter of the student population, has signed a petition. Calling for the university decrease. That's wisdom feast. I think a lot of students are feeling that way They're saying, you know, we don't have the amenities. Why should we be paying the big bucks? No, I don't know they're they're vowing to get. I think some percentage of students back on campus. Chico State is another student in other places. They're trying to get more. Yeah, I think lots going to depend on the vaccine. Roll out how we do over the summer and there were things I mean, I can't see students going back to On campus, learning between now and the end of this, you know this term this semester, right and into the spring? Yeah. I mean, I don't know how I think it's easier to K 12 to kind of monitor that. Then it is on the university campus. That'll be interesting. Okay, coming up in the next half hour. We are going to talk to Aubrey Aquino about the effort of Calexico to get that mass vaccination site up and running. It's apparently not so mass right now, so we'll chat with her about what's happening with the with the supply and demand issues over the Cal Expo site. That's all coming up. There was traffic reports every 10 minutes on the 10 this morning keeps rocked a fairly quiet starting a three ways around Sacramento mornings and afternoons. Look out. He's bound traffic hazard in the number two lane, we.

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