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Welcome to be to be marketers in the mission. A podcast for be marketers. That helps you to question. The conventional think differently. Trumpcare your industry and take your marketing to new heights. Each week we talked to be to be marketing. Experts share inspirational stories disgusted often topics and provide useful marketing tips and recommendations. And now here's your host and co founder of like insulting christian clip. Welcome everyone to this episode of the bbc marketers in the mission. Podcast where you get your weekly dose of bb marketing insights. So this is your host christian club and today it's an absolute pleasure to welcome guest and do the show who is on a mission to raise the bar for content quality so the b. b. marketers can't as he rightfully books published more and published fearlessly. So mr jeff coil. Welcome the schlosser out. Thanks so much. I look forward to this today. We know we had a really great conversation previously jeff. About when. I'll remember her quite a while. Look set this up a little bit for the listeners. Okay because know we've had a few talented folks like yourself on the show who talked about content marketing. But i think today's conversation comes interesting twists and agree So just to get things started. You are the co founder and chief product officer of a company called market muse and their you combine advanced they. I natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to produce actionable insights for nba marketers. So let's zero in on Today's topic of conversation..

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