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For millions of afghans must not be interrupted said dr amid madari the w eight show regional director for the eastern mediterranean the development comes as u n agencies repeated their commitment to stay and deliver assistance to those in need in afghanistan after the taliban secured the capital on sunday at a press conference in geneva. Un children's fund unicef said that eighteen million people in the country need aid assistance and one in three children is expected to be severely malnourished. This year his the agency's chief of filled operations and emergency mustapha. Ben massoud speaking from kabul on tuesday derek impacts office Inviting direct impact is civilian memorised. Children have seen injured in such a way that it's difficult to describe young children as young as ten month. The un cool for solidarity with the victims of haiti's catastrophic earthquake. Now a secretary general antonio guitarfish told the islanders you on that alone. According to latest reports the magnitude seven point two earthquake on the fourteenth of august killed more than two thousand people and injured around twelve thousand in the worst hit areas in the southwest of the caribbean island. Few houses still standing. Us aid coordinating office. Archer reported more than five hundred. Thousand people need emergency humanitarian assistance. It noted that two additional humanitarian convoys was scheduled to deliver assistance on wednesday including medical supplies and healthcare clean water and emergency shelter. Archer also noted that age. Trucks faced roadblocks erected by communities of unmet needs while heavy rains from tropical storm. Grace have hampered deliveries. Un secretary general antonio guitarist as letty call for u n peacekeepers to fully embrace new technology to respond to changing challenges outlining his strategy for the digital transformation of un peacekeeping. Mister gutierrez told the security council that twenty-first-century innovations were changing the nature of conflict and having an indelible impact on civilians the organizations twelve peacekeeping operations already used many digital tools in their daily work such as unmanned aerial vehicles and online platforms. That provide information about the kind of terrain that blue helmets should expect to encounter. but it's essential that this process picks up speed to improve the un's agility anticipation and responsiveness to conflicts. Mr parrish insisted on wednesday. He added that piece operations should develop clear principles on the use of digital tools and undertake human rights due diligence wherever there is potential for harm katie dartford un news. Thanks to katie dartford for the news. There are now to this week's interview which comes to us from guinea where you and health agency. Experts are on the ground supporting authorities and keeping the lid on deadly marburg virus. It's being reported in geck ado prefecture in southwest guinea and. It's the first known case. In the country and west africa to talk about the prevention measures underway. I spoke to the world health organization's representative in guinea. Dr george ki-zerbo really significant event. Jeez arising in for the first time in west africa also mother virus is rally from the same family as virus which causes a bulla. it is usually stipulating in animal populations but sometimes by accident and be passed to human populations and then from person-to-person. I close contact with body fleas blood or in setting so it is an event that he's ready serious in guinea but also in the region because of the cross border implications with liberia and sierra leone. Said what do you think to stop it. That's being one fatality. So far contactors probably. Yes the rest. I teams are working at points of entry sierra leone liberia the person at the have been equipped and trained and also the communities are being engaged because these communities are billeting there. There's a lot of mobility for people going to market. We're going to family events. So sensitized station of community so that they can take all the precautions especially avoiding attaching. Ill people avoiding also large gatherings especially for funerals which are very very dangerous events where people can come into contact with a dead body and then say the infection contact racine. He's also ongoing. We have one hundred fifty context but maybe five hundred irish which would be a monitor for twenty one days which is the maximum period of incubation. Make sure that they're not abiding writers and then quickly. George where are these contacts being monitored in their own isolated from the rest of the families and supported including food and over means of hygiene and repetitive measures. So that we can stay at for twenty one days and avoid transmitting these. That sounds very promising. Can we just talk about the potential for confusion of marburg with their below and other diseases and other infections i mean. How confident are you that it won't be spread because it's not initially easy to diagnose something like marburg is it a missile to communities really any few any lights syndrome really concert as soon as possible and be tested. I think this is a key message. Mahbubug is different from because there's no known treatment of vaccine so so we can only stop it for very very robust prevention community and talking about the community. How do you get their trust. Because you're coming in from the outside with the greatest of respect. What does it take to really involve the community in combating. Something like mullebeck is what we did was really to enroll social anthropologists but community health workers also and risk communication staff. Who are some of them are from the community. Some of them are actually speaking the same language so they can use that proximity community to engage leaders at the community level. The elders remand the young people from the community and pass. The message is in a way that can be understood and that is in line with the social cultural perception of this community. So i think this is something that has worked in recent worldwide. Demme who were able to stop fishing informers even as now another left in iowa. We've potential epidemiology link. We've never invested so really community. Engagement is a key in these outright responses talking if ebola in guinea and the new cote d'ivoire outbreak alert and not forgetting the twenty thirteen to sixteen epidemic in guinea sierra leone and liberia. Has there been any improvement in.

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