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American coaching ways. Don't say that. Bravo Jesse marsh is going to keep him up. I think he's going to struggle because I'm going to be able to the last few weeks defensively they've been all over the place and he had to come in and he had to make them tight. And I thought he did that against Leslie in the first game. They looked better organized. They looked as though they had a good game plan. But against Aston Villa, it all went horribly wrong for them. They were picked off. They didn't defend very well. They then lost faith in what they were doing. The crowd got behind them in the second half, but were against them in the first half. It's going to be a big call for him to keep them up, I think. Shaka based on what we've seen two games so far with Jesse marsh, you think you can keep leads up? Let me tell you what I saw against Aston Villa. He is praying for a miracle and praying for America from somebody else to keep that side up because as much as when he came in and he talked about guessing leads to be better defensively, I thought that was the most basic and awful of game plans I'd seen. All Aston Villa did was Martinez get a goal kick, play it to one of the wingbacks, leads with all press forward and Aston Villa would just launch it over the press and before V four. All game long and I thought, at some point, somebody's got to figure this out. Somebody, it was the most basic schoolboy of approaches that I've seen. And albeit they have points right now and points are harder to get. At the bottom of the table, leads have lost their last 6. I mean, how does it stop? What are your show against Aston Villa? Gave me no kind of hope. If I'm a lead fan, I am a new kind of belief that this team has the ability to always good enough to steal. Great stuff, guys, plenty more on our ESPN FC YouTube.

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