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Back in December, a small group of cyber warriors landed in Ukraine as part of a stealthy mission. It was less than three months before Russia would invade. Russia has for weeks been massing troops and tanks along the Ukrainian border. The group was from U.S. cyber command, the cyber arm of the military, and they'd been deployed to help Ukraine hunt for Russian malware and their networks. Remember, this was a time when no one seems sure whether troops on the border were part of a head fake. My best guess is still that he's not going to invade. Or were preparation for war. We have reason to believe the Russian forces are planning to attend to attack Ukraine in the coming week. A major in the Marine Corps led the U.S. team. And her guidance was this. Hey, go help them. And make sure that they're ready in terms of anything that may occur. That's the head of the NSA in cyber con, general Paul nakasone. She called back within the first two weeks and said, hey, instead of coming home for the holidays, we're going to be here for a while. It ended up being more than a while. The teams actually stayed for three months, and they just kept getting bigger. Begins with tan and then we surged to well over 30, and so we had flooded the zone. Given Russia's hacking history Ukraine before the war, people naturally expected Russian hackers to take down Ukraine's power grid or to hobble its communication systems. That didn't happen. And nakasone was careful not to give all the credit to the hunt teams. While I would certainly not say that's the key reason. I think it's a contributing factor. Having ten folks on the ground that are tied back to our command and our agency, that's a power that I think is really helpful. This is the kind of work nakasone talked about last week at the council on foreign relations in D.C.. He was joined by cisa director Jen easterly at an event focused on the importance of collaboration during a war that combined cyber with more conventional forces. And the event was moderated. Thank you so much by me. I'm Dina temple raston.

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