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With reese james about finland's close relationship with namibia you're listening to medical 24 body at bottom yeah let's head to wellington in new zealand now for this week's edition of tool stories we take a look as a particular wing of the country's parliament building his club urban talking about the beehive they are his achievement to shaven they nar's forty four that's the moment new zealand past the gay marriage bill in parliament than spectators in the gallery broke into a madi love zone the footage went viral and put new zealand's paliament building into the limelight marriage amendment though food rada i understand once labelled the fed ugliest building in the world and disquieten looked like a slide predictor that fell on awaiting cake that fell on a water will the executive wing of the new zealand parliament buildings has been commonly called beehive right from its inception in the mid six days located at the northern end of lambs and k wellington the full buildings that make up new zealand's parliament have little as they say or architecture coherence these the ivorian neoclassical style parliament house from nineteen twenty two the gulf that revival style library boat and eighteen ninety nine the 22 story high bowen house n years since 1991 and the bay hive the most recognizable of the clutter a brutal list circular construction resembling a wedding cake built in stages from 1960 nine two 1979 now why we've always called at the bay hive depends on who you ask some say the name came about because the building resembles that of a traditional woven form of beehive in as escape.

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