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That but is that still no we don't know another one was the fbi director memo at the time said russia has evidence claiming president johnson was behind the assassination yeah that that's been mounted it was fbi director j edgar hoover mmm to the white house three years after the assassination contained fbi information on the soviet union's response to this one passage of the memo notes that johnson was considered virtually unknown to the soviet leaders in that their intelligence agencies suspected his involvement in the assassination it's as our sources added that now the kgb was in possession of data reporting to indicate president johnson was responsible for the assassination of the late president kennedy the intelligence some kgb those though that that's not even imo once again the entandweni entrust them enough the intelligent some of which was gathered by a source who was inside russia when kennedy was assassinated details how communist party leaders believed the killing was part of an ultra right conspiracy to effect a coup soviet officials also claimed they did not have connection with oswald right you had cia interceptions in intercepting calls from oswald to the rushing kgb yuan oswal meaning rushing kgb agent in the department responsible for the assassinations you had confidential informant saying that lyndon b johnson was in the kkk yeah so i think a lot of this stuff has been known he's like the one with the the you know the british the british did that there was a british they've got a phone call twenty minutes for this asked right they get ready to go the news media a big breaking news you had the suspected cuban intel agent said he knew oswald in that goes back to the castro stuff yep cia plotted to kill castro british news paper tipping off twenty five minutes before the assassination and several other things that came out in those files in i mean we could sit there and in oslo mayors anything new nothin' rock checking a lot of vantaa had already been.

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