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Bringing a soundbite is bringing you down a sound bite of a hold on let me just let me finish my let me finish my statement and then you can respond a sound bite of an nwpp chapter falsely accusing an officer of police brutality that's bring us down isn't that saying hey i guess i guess maybe police brutality isn't as widespread as we think how come that's not positive larry that's a turn of phrase bringing this down all you do is point out the negative oh otis may i just say one more thing you just now said never say it how you deal with officers you roll down your window in your polite don't you think if eric gardner and freddie gray and trayvon martin and michael brown had behaved like that they'd still be alive what's wrong with telling people to do exactly as otis does when otis gets pulled over they would be alive today if they closed their mouth and they asked him to do it would be a mute point so why am i being criticized for talking about that kind of stuff isn't it positive to tell people here's how you can avoid any downside with an officer be respectful people like make sure you got your paperwork and you'll be just fine if you.

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