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To take off the power hour today. Sure you have some Curt Casali takes right they go Poot, Sally, you know it's funny now. It all came together now. Yes, was always talking about being in Nashville working out with my college buddy, Curt Casali, and at the time I was I didn't study the Reds catching depth chart. I didn't know who he was. But Gaz has been talking about that guy for a while. So It was like 400 son because he's he has his buddy, you know? Well, he said he was also playing. They were playing like, pick up like like baseball games. Once spring friend got shut down with a bunch of the van de guise of Antonio Campos out there. Sonny Gray was out there. He said that I think you, Sally said Yes. Was hitting bombs off a Sonny Gray left now. Stubble on that game down at the park. I would love to see that right? Some of that go down to the park. And there's the Vandy pickup games he has facing center. Great. Yeah, anyway. 8 35. Mike Florio is gonna join us talking more football. He always controversial Mike Florio. And they've known Jimmy G hater will have a tape area. Come with a take a You know what I mean 8 55 the daily dose of dubs doses. Tonight, And the biggest big question is Will Paul George play didn't play last night in the clips lost to San Antonio and ST Mary's Gail Patty Mills, who went for like 27. I think I want to see the Warriors maintain this kind of energy that they're playing with this kind of like inspired push. They seem to last three games, man. Yeah, and by the way, just we can talk about it later in the show, too. But Connor Letourneau has a great piece this morning. On Draymond Green and Steph Curry. Yeah, underrated relationship of Draymond and Steph. He does a deep dive into it and says, These guys are thick as thieves. It's always step in place, different clay or Stephanie, Isha or Stephane, Steve or whatever. It's about the the hidden bond between Draymond and Steph and like not only on but off the court to and how basically dream on is, you know he's such a, you know, session intense dude that he doesn't put up with any BS, and he just he's come to love step for. How really is. Steph loved Raymond for his his leadership in intensity, and then the numbers on the court. Steph When Dream on's on the court and Steph when Dream on's not on the court and dream on one steps on the court and dream on one steps, not other than these two grabs. Their success is absolutely linked, and there's a reason they think the reason why steps going off now is dreamin. Yeah, In all the positioning and all the vehicles. Yeah, I love it. I love that. It's a good story recommended to everybody. I'm psyched. I'm like, really safer warrior ball again. I'm all in all in. All right. Does 55 will doze in the 9 15 Andrew Greiff of the L A Times covers. The Clippers will talk to him about the game tonight and Friday, she copes All right, home and home. Little baseball. Syriza. Alright Candy are one of 45 and six anything Sports league You're listening to Murph in Mac available now on your Amazon Echo Smart speaker. This is K NPR, 1045 and 67. Ft Sports leader, three During these strange times, we've all gotten used to the word unprecedented, unprecedented, unprecedented. This is really almost unprecedented. And guess what? We're going to say it again because for the first time in NFL history, there will be six wild card games in two words. Now that is unprecedented. That's what I'm talking about. Baby this morning Birth and Mac bring on a man who's seen the Super Bowl contenders up close on Sunday night from NBC and Pro football talk. It's Mike Oreo at 8 35.

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