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The back of a police car the grandmother of one of the arrested six year old says the girl gets grumpy because she has sleep apnea the officer copter interpreted UV. let's take a look at that drive on the five we had a crash in silmar on the five south bound just before you get to the four oh five it was a motorcycle crash all the lanes are open now had three right lane closed so what you have to worry about is the backup is going on from Chalgrove if yourself found five and then the fourteen year old jammed up the golden valley where there was another wreck as well KFI this guy is sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff boss still talk about the six so far yeah it was quite a problem here because Donna southbound six oh five at Ballarat all traffic exit in there but the crest been removed and the lays a bit re opens up because after the two ten out so give me a little slow from around Errol hi way down towards the ten but again all lanes are open all the way down through the sixteen it continues down now we've got a good look at the to ten west bound to ten from over dell right the Pasadena just pointed drive slowed nothing unusual there better driving through Glendale and right now we're circling over pop on the southbound Golden State freeway Glendale Boulevard the right lane is blocked it just all the well open container truck but it's real small coming out from Burbank and to be operated doesn't prove a whole bunch even once you get past this entered an active visits superwoman server lower dot com Jeff flock KFI in the sky still I'm working on this question to be to the four of five thousand seal beach Boulevard car pull into laughing your jam up starts now at Lakewood Boulevard KFI in the sky helps you get there faster I'm robbing banks attorney sweet James bargainer if I go to sway James dot com. mayor Muriel Bowser presents the two oh two creates a month closing event east of the.

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