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The mortgage experts team hochburg just search T R A F F, I X Chicago. I'm van developed from the traffic center reminding you to drivers bounce it really is a matter of life or death the WGN forecast meteorologist Tim McGill after a soggy started this morning. Most today is going to be dry the rain ending by about mid morning, and then mostly cloudy skies, Forrest's Pika son here there. Breezy temperatures falling slightly this afternoon after a high near sixty. Sixty eight early today, mostly cloudy and cool tonight down to forty two just a slight chance for spotty shower. Partly to mostly cloudy tomorrow, cooler with a high around fifty nine or sixty degrees. Fifty two degrees. Lakeside Saturday looks to be dry to partly to mostly sunny, sixty five cooler on lakefront Sunday for mother's day, mostly cloudy, a few scattered showers. Nothing terribly heavy a high near sixty Monday, Partly to mostly cloudy with a high again, you're sixty degrees. I'm Tim again from the WGN weather center, light, rain and fog at both airports this morning. It's fifty nine at O'Hare fifty two at the lake I'm Vic Vaughn in the WGN newsroom. Ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Oh from the AllState skyline studio. This is the Steve Cochran show on seven twenty WGN. And. Good morning. Air. Beautiful day out there. Very swimming. How how's the commute this morning? You look good, by the way, ready. Thank you. I'm ready. Yes. I skied in. I think.

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