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Tonight on a hawk summer night, the coldest crime at ten year old girl in eighteen year old woman are dead and more than a dozen are injured after a gunman search shooting on a bustling Toronto. St. the comfortable turns chaotic. We'll hear from witness who was relaxing on a patio when the shots started ringing out and the Toronto MP who knew one of the victims rescue omission after Israel helps four hundred of serious white helmet volunteers escaped the Assad regime's advance. We'll speak to one of the White House but still inside about what he's facing. He preferred yesterday's news because today's new York, Daily News is a much diminished newspaper after half the newsroom staff, including our guest is cut a blow by blow account for the seventeen th year running the Swiss mountains. Echo with haunting moans as dozens of competitors gathered to have a series of blasts at the annual outpouring festival, and he's a star man waiting in a surprising. Container. The drummer for David Bowie's very first band comes across nineteen sixty three demo tape featuring that legendary artist on vocals in an old bread basket as it happens, the Monday dish in radio, that guesses one way or another that tape is probably kind of crummy. I just thought body's going down and I got up to the ground and then he came in the restaurant. Shoes pleading for a life. She got shot through her lungs turn around and I just saw him executed lady, you know. Detroit run and she felt by the tree. And he went moon. He was literally zigzagging. There was one guy zigzagging on Danforth going from the south to the north and wherever he saw people, he would just start shooting in Toronto's Greek town. Tonight there is shock Soro and still so much confusion. Last night had gunmen criss cross Danforth avenue in the city's east end firing into cafes, restaurants and outdoor patios and people on the sidewalk. The shooting left two people dead an eighteen year old woman and a ten year old girl thirteen. Others were injured. The suspect was found dead on down fourth avenue, not far from the scene. He has been identified as twenty nine year old Fazle Hussain from Toronto. His family has released a statement saying he had quote, severe mental health challenges struggling with psychosis and depression his entire life. They also extended their deepest condolences to the families of the victims..

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